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DS has thrush, and he is veeery cranky.
I have plain yogurt and milk-free acidophilus capsules, but I'm not sure how/how often to give it to him??? I'm starting to get it on my nips too

It seems to be getting worse, and I actually have put some cream --generic lotramin...stuff DD's Dr recommended when she had it, that I've put on the rash on his bum, but I'd rather use a more natural remedy.

I need advice please...I really don't think I should have to take him in to the Dr. for this!

Thanks a bunch!
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Must be something in the air. We've got it too (after a whole year of nada)

I called my doc and his doc and got scripts called in (I'm a doc too though so don't know if it is always that easy.)

My OB gave me 3 days of fluconazole (which is less than I've read, but we will see) plus I am going to do gentian violet. My ped who I trust a lot says to do gentian violet every other day instead of daily. It's over the counter also. No one knew about the Jack Newman cream, plus it would have to be compounded and the pharm would have to order the miconazole (1 week) so I'm not doing that. I'm also getting grapefruit seed extract.

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