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Thursday 6/09/05

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Eaglevoice may be in labor! Anyone else?? I am still here, w/out signs of impending labor. Holding strong. As I have said before, my mental status varies. So far, today doing well. I did not take the cohash's, just did not feel up to it. Captain Crunchy, how are yours working???? Darkstar, are you doing anything are just being patient????
Well nothing planned today. Guess I could scrub the bathroom again. Today is my kids last day of school. I guess no baby moon without them now. Oh well, there is a bigger plan & I am NOT in control. You think I would have learned that by now!!
Have a good day ladies.
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No baby yet. And no signs of baby either. I lost a little mucous yesterday again, but it is yellow/white not pink
. I decided against the cohosh too. But I am so sick of being pregnant I can hardley stand it. Good luck eagle voice. I hope the next time we hear from you youre holding your babe.

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Darkstar, I guess we are the lonely two. How are you doing????
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