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thyroid dysfunction, help!

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I have Hashimoto's thyroid inflammation and I have pretty much lost all my milk. DS is 18 months and he eats table foods, but its not enough for my little guy and he's not gaining weight. Dose anyone else suffer from this? What have you done to help your milk supply? I'm taking thyroid, and many supplements, but nothing is helping.
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With this thyroid disease, have you had your prolactin levels checked? You might want to try an SNS. I use that supplement at the breast. What meds are you on? Someone might be able to do a check with Dr. Hale.
Did your milk supply drop before you started medicine or after? I ask because I started synthroid about 2 months ago but don't THINK I've noticed decrease.
I just started Amour Thyroid to try to help. I have had low supply issue sfrom the begining. I have found that this was also a factor in my PPD/PPP.

I take a multi-vitamin, Inostol, VItamins C, Pospydatdyl Choline, Fish Oils, Whey protien, AdrenaSense(contains Rhodoila, Suma, Eleothero, Schisandra, Ashwaganda), and flax oil. Ocassionally I take Cayanne pepper for migraines.

I haven't had my prolactin levals checked yet.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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