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Hi all, I just found out some sort of unsettling news about my thyroid today and was wondering if anyone could help me out with words of wisdom.<br><br>
About 2 weeks ago I started noticing my heart was beating kind of wonky. I went to the doctor and they said sure enough, it was, took a bunch of blood tests and sent me to the hospital to get monitored. It turns out I was having a bunch of PVCs and VTs (I think they're called). My potassium was low, so they gave me some and sent me home. That was this weekend. I was feeling better after that, but yesterday my throat started getting really sore and swollen feeling. I noticed this a couple weeks ago too, but then it went away.<br><br>
Anyway, I went back to the doctor today to get my lab results and they said my thyroid antibodies were 235 (they're supposed to be less than 20) and I had a nodule on the right lobe. I'm getting a scan and biopsy in the next day or two and seeing the rheumatologist and cardiologist tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about this whole thing and was wondering if anyone had been through anything similar?<br><br>
FWIW, I have Sjogren's syndrome, so I already knew I had autoimmune issues. My t4 and tsh were in the normal range, but my antibodies were crazy high. The doctor did say that's probably what was making my heart beat funny.<br><br>
What's up with this? Does anyone know?
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