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Thyroid question (I'm 9 weeks pregnant)

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I had my first midwife appointment 1 week ago (last Wednesday). They did the normal blood tests etc, and checked my thyroid levels. I am hypothyroid, and am on a generic synthroid for it...Well, I just got my results today (wednesday today) and my midwife left a vm saying that my thyroid was out of wack, that I am hypothyroid again...Well, that leaves me worried of possible m/c. Since I've been hypothyroid for at least a week, does that mean that this could now make me at risk for miscarrying? I saw the heartbeat last week, and it was reassuring...but my symptoms (nausea) have been lessoning...I've still been tired, and really hot!...But I've also started to lose hair of my hypothyroid signs...Can someone help me understand what being hypothyroid for a week can do to the fetus?
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It's VERY normal for thyroid levels to go whacky during pregnancy... I've been on Synthroid for nearly 7 years, stable dose... but when I got pregnant my levels went NUTS and we didn't discover it until I was 12 weeks along... I used to take 100mcg, now it's 200mcg... but it took a couple months to get my levels stable again. I'm now expecting a healthy little girl anyday now. We also suspect that I was hypo during my pregnancy with DD#1 and she's a healthy, smart, 8yr old!

Yes, having bad thyroid levels can place the baby at risk, but since you found out early they can adjust your medication and keep an eye on it. The risks are real, but thankfully they are small if you get your levels back under control.
I just want to second that....

I have been hypo for a couple years but I am sometimes bad about taking my meds
I have it pretty mild, I was on synthroid 50mcg... then when I got pregnant had to go up to only 75mcg... but I got tested about every 4-8 weeks during pregnancy and my levels have stayed fine...

I am now ready to pop (13 days late!!) but my pregnancy has been totally healthy and normal...and all indications (heart rate, ultrasound, movements etc) show that she is gong to be completely healthy!

Good luck and take care... I think if you get it under control as soon as possible you should be totally fine...
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I am 29 weeks and hypothyroid, my Synthroid dose was at 25 mcg and is now 75 mcg. I go to my Endocrinologist once a month to get my levels checked. I would suggest you do the same. As long as you stay on top of it your baby will be fine.
Thanks for the calming words...but when you were hypo during pregnancy, did you notice an excessive amount of your hair falling out? I am noticing this...but also know that when I miscarried before my pregnancy with ds that I started to lose a ton of hair right before. In one sense I feel okay since I have seen the heartbeat, but want some reassurance since my symptoms of pregnancy aren't that strong these days (9.5 weeks along).

Before they got my levels under control again I did have hair falling out again... it's one of the signs (as you know) of low thyroid... once my meds got to the right does for my pregnancy it stopped.
Just wanted to add that my endo is insistant that I do NOT get the generic form of synthorid. While we had to nearly double my dosage during pregnancy, switching from generic to name brand kept us from having to increase it even more. Studies have shown that the generic thyroid meds are not consistent in their distribution and/or absorbency rates and pregnancy is no time to have your levels fluctuate.

And like everyone else has said, it sounds like your docs caught this quickly and that is great and will go far in keeping your pregnancy strong.
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