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so i'm sitting in bed, four pillows propped up behind my back. DD finally asleep. DH asleep. me on computer, watching a little TV. i think i was rubbing my shoulder, or maybe i was itching it. (i had just had a full shower including washing and drying hair BTW). in the dark, my fingers identified a little something on my shoulder, i thought maybe it was a skin blemish like a whitehead that came loose. i picked it off. had it in my fingers, and decided i better take it in the bathroom and look, just to be sure.

it was a tick! luckily, had not sucked any blood yet.

so how did it get into my bed?

well we let golden retriever sleep on the floor next to the bed. also, i have a habit of putting one pillow between the bed and the nightstand, propped end up on the floor, b/c i like a cool pillow, and i switch them out over the night.

i'm figuring the tick hitched in on the dog, then jumped onto my pillow.

*presuming this is the only one* (so far anyway), i guess i'm just so so lucky that i found it this way, rather than having it burrow into me or my daughter. yuck!!
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