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Tie Dye Supplies

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I started tie-dyeing a few weeks ago with a beginner's kit from Dharma Trading Co. (So addictive!)

I can foresee that my dyes & supplies will run out before I get to the end of my pile of things-to-dye. I have no problem ordering more dye. However, I really don't want to pay exorbitantly for shipping urea & sodium carbonate again. I read in a book to look in pool supplies for the lattter, but it suggested a "farm supply center" for urea. Ummmm... *looking around at 'burbs* .... by the time I found anything remotely farm-supply-like I'd've burned up enough fuel that shipping costs would look cheap.

Where else might I find urea?

(And, no, I'm not going to make any do-it-yourself of that.)
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If you could find a feed and fertilizer place you would find a great deal, though you would be buying in serious bulk i.e. 50# bags but for like 10$ or so. A local garden center might be able to get ahold of it for you though. Ask if they have or can get it for you. Ask for "clean" 46% pure shotted urea.

Have you stopped by the Fiber Arts Forum? It is a great community of tie-dyers/dyers. Tons of ideas, advice, tips, folds etc...
It sounds like you are getting into the dyeing thing. When I discovered the forum, my tie-dye horizon blew wide open

Good luck finding urea locally. If you can, you will be saving BIG time. It might be worth driving a little(not to far, gas ain't free!)

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Thank you!

I guess finding a farm place wouldn't be too difficult if the family went on a weekend drive to the country. The thought of a great big bag of it makes me frighteningly excited.

I'll try the fiber arts forum - thanks for the link!

Now if only the weather outdoors would cooperate...
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Originally Posted by delphinemere
Now if only the weather outdoors would cooperate...
It is 101' here in the shade. I'll PM you lets say 10'...will that make it warm enough for you :LOL If you would like to PM me some moisture, I would be o.k. with that

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I was searching for a substitute for buying urea at $2.00 a pound (plus shipping) from dye seller to mix my dyes and googled up your discussion thread!
Plus I was out of urea and wanted to get some quickly, locally?
Luckily my husband has a lawncare company and his supplier has 50 pound bags of that 46-0-0 pure shotted urea for $11.00! Thanks for the tip!
I had no idea what urea was after all these years... I just always ordered it with my dyes.
I hope it works as well?

I have been using Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda to pre-treat for 17 years! It works great!

I am new here and see this discussion is very old.... but if anyone reads this and wants a picture of tee shirts with results from Arm & Hammer.... Let me know!
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