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Tie-Dyeing Prefolds?

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Has anyone tie-dyed their prefolds? I have done a teeny tiny bit of tye-dying in the past, but I would LOVE to do some dipes. Can I just use any old tie-dye from a regular store or will it wash out or effect the absorbancy in any way?
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I did these:

using the "teeny tiny" kit from
I've heard that the rainbow rock dyes from wal-mart work well too. I can't answer your q about absorbency from experience, because we use as burp cloths (small concession for dh) . . .

If you decide to do it, rolling does NOT work (I always rolled my t-shirts in the past) . . .

Have fun!
Ang, your tie-dyed stuff is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!

ani'smommy, from what I've read, dying shouldn't affect absorbancy. Regarding what kind of dye to use, you won't get nearly the vivid colors Ang has if you just use Rit.

Here's a great site w/ lots of info about different types of dyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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