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Tight pants just uncomfortable or hurtful?

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As I am not having much luck finding clothing to fit me this pregnancy (19 weeks), and I had a day last week where I wore my regular jeans and had an aching belly for the rest of the evening and night, I'm wondering if anyone knows if that can cause damage or if it is just uncomfortable for me/us? I did wear pants that were tight once or twice with the last pregnancy, but they were tight in the waist-these seem to be tight right across my hips/belly area. And releif was immediate when I took of the pants last pregnancy. I've been concerned since that day that I had discomfort the whole rest of the day, and have pretty much stayed home where I can wear my baggies. Anyone have any answers for me? I'd appreciate it!
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I can't imagine that one day would do any permanent damage. I had days early in this pregnancy when I was "in between sizes" and ended up wearing pants that were a little snug - I also had lower ab pain for the rest of the day, but nothing long term.

Sort of related: I asked my midwife about what, if any, ab exercises I could still do in preg, and she said none, just normal posture control will be all I need. She said there's some anecdotal evidence re: strong ab muscles (as in athletes, swimmers, etc) and breach babies/limited fetal movement. I would imagine that wearing tight, restrictive clothes throughout pregnancy might cause problems like that, but one day shouldn't make much difference.
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