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Time change & Bedtime

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My little one just turned a year old, and, right along with the time change, has changed her bedtime. She used to go down at 6:30-7pm but now, if she sleeps by 7:30, she wakes around 8-8:30 and wants to play. What has followed the last few nights is a real battle to fall asleep (she's exhausted and flailing about, etc. but can't sleep) and then wakings all night long-possibly every 45min....She is starting a molar. I just wanted to see if anyone out there could identify and had any practical suggestions. Thanks! (yawn!)
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How is she napping during the day? It almost sounds like her bedtime is too early. I know, I know, the "experts" advocate early bedtimes (and I'm sure many parents like them too!), but not every child is ready to go to sleep so early. My dd sure isn't, and she tends towards a bedtime of around 9pm, and has since about 12-13 months (she's 15 months now).
thanks! I'll try out a later bedtime and see how it goes.
We had the same problem with the time change recently. DS used to go to sleep between 7:45 and 8:30 but with it still being light out now and it not really feeling like that time it was rough for the first few days. We kind of just let him tel lus when he was ready to go down (usually more like 8:30-9) and then tried that. He is finally getting back to normal and wanting to go down around 8pm which is nice.
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