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Ok mama's time to list your stash as we all know how often it changes........

I have
24 LHC aio's (I know big shocker)
12 LHC fitteds
4 LHC covers
2 bummis SWWW covers
12 dyed by me prefolds (premium)
4 infant prefolds for stuffing
3 LHC night time dipes
2 large becca bottoms
1 medium becca bottoms

waiting on
1 schnoogly wear pocket dipe with insert
1 SW AIO in tye dyed print
5 SW pocket stuffers
2 mitt washers from SW
1 fitted form Crystals cloth
1 cover from crystals cloth both 4th of july themed
some wipes from CC
2 M HH of the tradign post
1 HH from little blessings
1 inside out from holdens landing......
1 FCB baby envelope that i will use for night time

ok I think that is it.. now what is in your stash

oh wait i have my first wool soaker mommy2 boys (erin) knitted it for me.. i will post pics of it here in a little bit. It fits him so nice and it is such pretty blues and greens.......

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I hope I can remember everything off the top of my head
Here goes:

1 Dozen Indian prefolds
2 dozen dyed prefolds (TDD and Vibrant Baby)
2 cloth softies
4 Cuddlebuns
4 FB
2 HH
1 Ella
1 Celstial Snuggle
1 FMBG aio
1 LL aio
1 FCB size 2 retro floral print

wool snao covers:
3 Kiwi Pie
1 LL
1 Cuddlwool wrap with sun applique
1 SP
1 RB wool shell set

wool soakers:
3 soakers knit by me with Fern &Fairie pattern
1 Baa Baa Bottoms
1 Simply Sage
1 Green Mountain Wee Woolies soaker shorts
1 Warm Heart Woolis soaker shorts
1 Catmat soaker (e-bay)

On its way to me:
1 FMBG aio in Batik swirl print
1 Cuddlewool set from Little Fishy with Chili Pepper applique

I have other misc dipes that arent listed as we dont use them anymore. I am sure I have forgotten something lol!

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Well I have stash picture links in my signature....
so you can see for yourself! But to list, I have a few
Toot Sweet
SOS (my fave are the dyed organic fleece quick dry)
Kiwi Pie testers/first versions contours and fitteds
Bottom Bumpers
Buckeye Bottoms
Sugarpeas size 1

and wool:
Mosaic Moon
soaker knit by my best buddy Jen
Kiwi Pies
Woolybumbums cashmere pants
Baa Baa Bottoms soaker pants
binky knits soaker pants (from
and others...

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Oy - It is hard to remember!

Roughly 16 prefolds right now, friend has six more she is borrowing(premium - another dozen regulars put away)

5 Rouser's Trousers fitteds (i think)
4 Liz Cloth, love em
2 Toadies
1 Cheeky Monkey
3 terrific side-aplix fitteds made by our own Mimim

1 Tykies
I think i have more fittes than that, but i must think about it for a minute.

2 Rose City Cloth (excellent!)
1 Doodlebottoms (also great)
2 Harleyz Nighteez
1 Knickernappies toddler (night)
1 much-loved Fuzzibunz, still tickin'

1 Baby's Bum, pretty batik, very nice diaper
1 Rouser's trousers

On the way:
2 fitteds, one patriotic one red riding hood PRR from buttercupbottoms
1 pansy fitted from Bum-Ware (our own Izzybee!)
4 more Mimim fitteds with some of Terri of FMBG's spectacular fabric!
2 more Rose City Cloth pockets
1 Rose City cloth snappi-able fitted, yellow outer birdseye with blue and yellow floral inner
custom soaker shorts from woolybumbums

Covers: 3 Bummis SIWW medium that i primarily use with a Sugarplumbaby fleece pocket as an AIO, 6 Alexis pants, my favorite; 2 Softlandingdiapers PUL wraps which are outstanding. Just got a loveybums wool wrap and am in looooove with it. Soft rainbow colored soaker shorts from KIYP. Doodlebottoms white eyelet cover that is too small.

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This is what fits ds at the moment. He needs more covers. He is growing sooooooooooo fast!!

12 Premium UBCPF's
12 Premium CPF's
12 Regular CPF's
6 Regular Tye Dyed CPFs
10 CuddleBuns(for daddy and diaper bag)

2 Aristocrats
2 Mama Made LTK soakers
1 pair of Mama Made LTK Longies

Working on:

1 pair of Longies
1 pair of soaker shorts
1 soaker

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I cannot for the life of remember #s except that I have 36 IPF/CPF.But brands I love are Bizzy B Hive, FMBG, Baby Bloomrs, Mudpie babies, LHC, Sugarpeas.
Some of our stash, minus a few LHC and BBH wool
Waiting on Valor Kids, Baby Bloomrs, and another custom BBH. Oh and I also have a beautiful rainbow of Prefolds from I love those prefolds and often use them of lay on my changing pad just so I can look at them

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Oh my!! you ladies have LOTS of diapers.....
: I almost feel sad saying what I have.....

10 Simply Cloth Covers
2 Jungle Monkies AIOS
4 Little Lambs AIOs
and then a stash of AIO's and soakers that I have made for Rinoa

that's it...I need to either get shoping or sewing....

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When I came to this board i had a stash of honey boy home dipes i made for ryan.... then all the ladies here said oh look at this or that and now you see the list i own.......:LOL run while you still can with your paypal in your hands.:LOL

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Originally Posted by ryansmom02
When I came to this board i had a stash of honey boy home dipes i made for ryan.... then all the ladies here said oh look at this or that and now you see the list i own.......:LOL run while you still can with your paypal in your hands.:LOL

I am outta here....

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Ok, i'm going to try this.
William's stuff:
4 med. Fuzbaby fitteds
1 lg. Fuzbaby fitted
4 Cuddlebuns
3 large Fireflies
3 Lg Firefly Sleeptights
2 LD Cotton Candy fitteds Toddler size
2 Lg Sugarbums fitteds
2 Lg FMBG fitteds
2 lg Elbee Baby fitteds
1 righteous baby shell set sz 2
1 Dreamboat Diapers lg matching fitted and cover
1 Berry Patch AIO lg
13 premium prefolds

3 lg fuzbombs (teal, seafoam, ice star)
1 lg Aristocrat
1 LTK soaker lg.
1 GEC soaker lg
Waiting on:
4 Buckeye Bottoms lg
1 LG Fuzbaby fitted
1 x-lg Fuzbomb

Parker's stuff:
12 Kissaluvs sz 0
5 Sugarpeas sz1
2 Sugarbums sz sm
2 WAHM fitteds
1 FMBG fitted sz sm
1 Fern & Faerie fitted sz sm
1 Nanipoos fitted sz sm
6 infant prefolds

3 Sm Sugarpeas
2 FMBG newborn PUL covers
3 New Zealand Soakers sx sm
1 FCB wool cover sz 0
1 WAHM wool cover
1 Kiwi pie sz sm
1 KustomKoolkats saoker Newborn sz
1 sm GEC soaker
Waiting on:
2 Pickle Pants 1 sm & 1 med

Diapers and covers put up for future use:
6 Kissaluvs contours sz med/lg
1 Sns lg fitted
1 LD lg Cotton candy fitted
1 med FMBG AIO
1 sm Fuzbaby fitted
1 sm Fuzbaby contour

3 Fuzbombs (Kiwi, egg, April skies)
1 lg Fuzeasy
1 lg Elbee Wooly Bully
1FCB lg Wool
1 KustomKoolKats soaker sz med
1 FMBG med PUL

I think that is all of it.

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i'm pretty lame since my entire stash is pocket diapers. LOL

we have:
happy heiney green
happy heiney lavender
happy heiney yellow
2 happy heiney white
2 happy heiney blue
hh green with spongebob/patrick
hh truck
hh dragonflies
hh trains
hh zebra
hh monsters
hh bob the builder
hh construction
hh light blue
hh patriotic
hh hippie turtles
hh purple monkeys
hh black with geckos

starbunz tiger
starbunz panda
starbunz furry leopard

homemade hh. blue/red

lavender with yellow inner wonderoos
ellas cowgirl
and one mudpie babies camo aio

4 pt fuzzibunz. 2 white, 2 navy
3 large fuzzibunz, 2white 1 navy

and i have something like 6 prefolds and 25 or 26 large babykicks hemparoos.
and i'm always looking for more of those btw

i'd love to try a harleyz pocket diaper and more ellas.
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