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Time for change at "The View"?

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Page Six says Patricia Heaton is the favorite for the Viera spot. She nursed all four of her boys, correct? This might make our friend Star squirm!

The same story says Elisabeth might be out if Patty is in.
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Link didn't work for me.

I'm interested in seeing who they get to replace Meredith (the only one them I acutally kinda liked.) Either way, I'm still boycotting the show and even got my mom to join!
I don't watch this show...but some interesting things might be shaking there. Hmmm
why would elizabeth leave if patricia comes in

guilt over bottle feeding???

Originally Posted by JesiLynne
why would elizabeth leave if patricia comes in

guilt over bottle feeding???
I think the SPECULATION was that they wouldn't need two Republicans.
I get the feeling Barbara W. is very liberal and only wants one "token" Republican. But again this is all guessing IMO.
I thought it said Elisabeth could be replaced if they decided to target the latino population and they had a latino women picked out as to who they would put in her place. I don't know her name.
I would like to see a the latino population represented

I just hope she's still breastfeeding a toddler
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Yes, it would be nice if they just ditched the whole crew and started over. Meredith was the only decent one on there.
The rumor I read today is they are after Soledad O'Brien. She has four children. A little Googling, I found this quote from her in a Prevention magazine article a while back. She's one of us!

The biggest surprise
That the world does not accommodate working mothers. For example, I had to pump my breast milk in bathroom stalls in airports the few times I had to travel for work. So many women are still nursing when they go back to work, so it wasn't as if I was doing something radical!
I remember Soledad O. being extremely pro CIO when interviewing Dr. William Sears on the air, who was against it. She was so mad that he was saying it was wrong. She looked so, so angry. Glad she bf though.
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