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Time-limited Question: Is this a good buy?

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Home Depot is advertising 40lbs top soil for $0.97. Is that a good price? Does anyone have experience with buying this topsoil? (the bag ing the ad says "organic valley')
Thanks in advance
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That sounds ok - I pay about $1 for 40 pounds of composted cow manure or composted peat moss (both organic) at Lowes.

BTW - what is the topsoil for? Often it is quite heavy and some other type of "soil" may better suit your needs.
I want to build no-till raised beds. If I have time tomorrow I'll post my plan.
I have a fussy babe on my hands at the moment.
I bought my sfg dirt at the 'Depot. I used about a dozen bags of that topsial to fill in the bottom couple of inches because it was cheap, then another 20 bags of the better garden soil and some manure and peat for the rest. (We built 2 4x8 beds) I haven't planted yet, but it certainly helped things to be cheaper than if I had used all garden soil. (at $2.50 a bag) I figure it was about $150 for my 2 raised beds all said and done, and thats a lot less than buying veggies at the store all summer.
For a raised bed you'll want to mix in something to lighten top soil. The SFG books describes a recipie. Otherwise adding peat, vermiculite, etc. will help. It is amazing how much dirt it takes to fill a SFG bed. It may be cheaper to buy in bulk and have a truck come dump off dirt in your yard.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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