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Tip of DS's Penis bleeding HELP!

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I X-posted this in H&H, since I'm looking for healing advice.

It's almost been 2 weeks now, that the tip of DS's Penis is scabed. I went to go see a pediatrician last Thursday and she told me to stick him in a bath with some baking soda 1-2 times a day and put a barrier cream on him. I did both things (used Weleda diaper care for the barrier cream) and it looked like it was getting better, but it started bleeding again last night.
So I took him to the Doc again today (different Dr. though). She said that she wants me to buy a cortisone cream and put that on there, because it's mostly just really dry and that would help with that. She also gave me a bunch of antibiotic ointment to put on him, while telling me that she doesn't think I would need it and that it really doesn't look like an infection, but I should put it on DS for about 3 days. Ahhhhm, yeah.

So I need some advice on what to do. DS is seriously hurting. He freaks out when he has to go pee and holds it in way too long. I had him go under the shower, but even that makes him freak now. This isn't helping our potty learning either. I remember from being PP how much urin can sting on a bleeding wound.
I don't want to make it worse for him and I do want him to heal, but antibiotics and cortisone? Really?
I just started giving him Arnica C30 today. Would you do anything else? I've also been trying to let a lot of air on it, which has the downside of DS palying with his Penis though. (I don't mind that, just right now it's not helping the healing).
I've also been "bathing the tip of his Penis in a shot glass filled with breast milk. That really seems to sooth the pain for him for the moment. He always asks for it now too.
I'm just getting worried and was hoping somebody has some good advice here.

I'm also wondering how this could even happpen. Do you think that maybe the diapers are too tight? Or that I use cloth on him at night? DS2 is fine though and I wash their dipes together of course. Should I consider putting him (DS1, the one with the booboo) in a sposie for the night until he's healed?

I wish he was intact. I very briefly read somewhere that there are procedures to stretch the foreskin again. Should I consider something like that for DS? How does that work? Do you think it would help preventing things like the one he has right now?

I'm sorry this is so long, I just didn't want to leave anything out.
I'm pretty desperate to get some good advice.
Maybe somebody just knows a good and affordable Homeopath/Naturopath in my area? (Santa Clarita / Los Angeles)

Thanks everybody for reading this and I'm hoping somebody can help my poor DS. I'm feeling like I'm scarring him for life, in more than one way.
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It sounds like Meaotal Stenosis (sp?)

It usually will rectify when you get him out of diapers.

It's a complication from circumcision. His urethra is getting narrow from repeated exposure to urine...

Surgery is your last resort to fix it...
I would NOT switch to paper diapers. Would you want your glans rubbing on that? Try fleece liners. if you don't have any, you can go the the fabric store and get the softest microfleece you can find and cut it into strips. No need to sew because it won't fray! it will help wick away moisture and be soft to the touch.
I don't have any additional suggestions, but wanted to say I'm sorry you and your DS are going through this! I can imagine how you are hurting right along with him and I hope you're able to feel better about it all more quickly than his healing!

Do you know of an herbalist in your area? I have one here in Va Beach, VA and I'm sure she does some long distance work because she has the ability to ship quite easily... if you want her info, PM me and I'll get it to you.

I hope your little boy feels better soon!!!
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There is no way to do restoration of the foreskin on a child they have to be in there teens or adulthood. Since it is a very much hands on proceedure i wouldnt be comfortable with messing with his genitals that much.
Can you Google meatal stenosis and see if that sounds like what's going on? If he doesn't have it yet I would be concerned that he is on his way to it, since it's been bleeding and scabbed over. I'd leave him diaper-free as much as possible. Good call on the breastmilk.
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thank u!!!

that sounds exactly like what he has.
i'm already using fleece liners. i use charlie's soap and sometimes mountain green as detergent, so it shouldn't be from that, right?
do u think i should maybe not use any diapers anymore at all and try to wake him to go potty?

thanks so much for your help and kind words.
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