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Tips for 5 hour drive with 2 yr old

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DH and I have taken our kids on longer drives (for vaca). But this Saturday I am leaving at the crack of dawn with DD in tow. We're going to visit a friend whose DH just left her suddenly.

Anyway, I need travel tips - I know, it's only five hours, but that's longest I've driven by myself much less with a kiddo. Obviously stop occasionally for a change, food, stretch out, etc..

Anything else? We're driving there early Saturday AM and either leaving Saturday night (I hate driving in the dark too!) or Sunday afternoon. I'm just a total planner, so I need to start making lists now.
I'm already planning on going to get my oil changed this week.
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bring lots of snacks and toys....and earplugs!
dvd player
box of books (you can pass a new one back each time the first one gets tossed on the floor)
try wrapping things in paper/foil/something - one more step to open to play with it.
lots and lots of snacks

good luck!
We drove with our 2yo from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon to the East Coast tantrum-free until the fifth day

Yes, DVD player's a great suggestion! Normally that would NOT be something I'd go for...but a couple years ago, we drove across the country
with our 2 yo and it was wonderful. A little tape player she loved too along with a ''table'' to go across her lap for coloring, reading, dvd player, etc.

I'm sure your trip will go smoothly and be lots of fun!
I second the suggestion to wrap up some small toys (or books, or anything). That extra step takes more time and it's lots of fun too.

Bring healthy treats. Fruit leather and banana chips are our favorites - something your dc doesn't get often but loves.

My favorite toy I have been suggesting to everyone lately is Playdough. I swear, it keeps the girl I nanny for entertained for hours.
I've taken ds on quite a few road trips. Two months ago, he and I drove 13 hours over two days...and back again a week later. It was a blast!

He and I enjoyed our breaks, and I tried to plan ahead for one "special" stop each day (one day it was a train museum & the next day it was a park or something- can't remember.)

Things that were good to have- snacks, water, books, magnadoodle, books with little magnetic playscenes inside, music. My kid likes looking out the window and zoning out too.

What didn't work- crayons/markers/tiny objects- they fall down into cracks in the seat or in the floor, and a two year old screaming and crying because they need you to pick up the spilt whatever is not a good thing.

We don't have a dvd player and don't feel that we need one. I didn't need one growing up...

Honestly, I had as much fun riding with my kid as I did taking road trips with best friends in college. Maybe we're weird.
I vote for key chains. Go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of stupid key chains and hook them all together. My DD loves it. Especially the My Pretty Pony keychain I got from CVS.
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Have a stash of toys and snacks up front and pass one back every 20 minutes or so. I am taking my dd on a 5 hr plane trip tomorrow. I bought small inexpensive toys and wrapped them up and I got dried cranberries, freeze dried strawberries and bananas, and crackers. Those should keep her busy and I'm hoping she might fall asleep for a little bit too. Hope your trip goes well!
The DVD player is a hit for us. Also, plenty of snacks, water, etc. Also, we always try to time road trips with naps, it makes the trip much easier on the little ones. If you are by yourself and especially if you are nursing, one tip I learned from a friend is to stop at BRU's along the way. They have the Mother's room, and any supplies you might have forgotten. Good luck!
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