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tips for diapering a winter babe?

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I am due in dec, and I was wondering if you all have any tips for diapering when the weather requires small babies to wear pants and shoes etc. Does that make sense? Will the babe's pants be tight too small with prefolds and covers? My dd was born in the summer so all she wore when she was tiny were onesies or a t shirt and a diaper.

thanks for your responses
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In the cooler weather I put my tiny babies in one piece outfits like these. They aren't tight fitting and work just fine over prefolds and covers. I stay away from pants and shoes with a tiny baby. In the really cold weather I like the outfits that have the footies in them, or we just do socks with no shoes.. even with more dressy outfits. In the summer with a little baby we do lots of comfy rompers/onesies or dresses or around the house t-shirts and diapers.
Catie was a March baby, and though winter is all but over here in March, we did lots of the fleece footed pajamas for her early on. They were warm, fit over diapers great, and had a little stretch to them.
We used prefolds and covers, and lots of Kissaluv 0s. There were several others in there too, but for a newborn, that was the bulk of our stash.
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We had a february baby and at home we kept him in prefolds or fitteds and wool pants. I had these great booties (by zutano) that snapped on and stayed put, and that was his look during the day--very chic. We had him in pockets and sleepers at night.
The changes were soo frequent and he hated the ordeal of getting dressed after getting diapered, so this worked really well for us. THe only thing is, you need quite a few to make it work, because there's always the likelihood of a blow out poop and wool takes a while to dry.
We use wool and pfs or fitteds, so I'd say we have some serious diaper butt. DD was a November babe, so she spent her days in footed sleepers, longies and l/s tops, or 2 pc elastic waist pants sets that were stretchy enough to cover the diaper butt. We don't do jeans or button waist pants b/c the babes can't sit in them (my 2y/o just started wearing jeans in the spring and that was ONLY w/ a FuzziBunz). As far as foot coverings, we just did socks or I knitted some LittleTurtleKnits felted mocs for both of them and they wore those.
Have you seen babylegs?

They'll hold the socks on your baby's feet (you know how baby socks tend to slide off), and you don't have to remove ANYTHING to get to the diaper. For going outside, though, the footed outfits mentioned above are probably better. But babylegs are a very convenient way to change diapers and still keep legs warm.
My baby was born in March, which is still the dead of winter where I live. As a newborn I mostly had him in footed sleepers and I never had a problem with fitting over a cloth diaper.

His first full winter he mainly wore wool longies over his diaper.
I would definitely recommend longies or wool pants. How cozy! Plus, it's one less layer to worry about.

I hated sleepers with my youngest because she would not sit in a wet diaper for more than a few seconds. We were changing her 30+ times per day in the early weeks, and all those snaps were impossible to deal with.

As far as pants that work well over cloth diapers, we found that Hanna Andersson wiggle pants fit wonderfully over even our bulkiest combos. They fit for ages, too, so they are definitely worth the price and if you are near an outlet they often have great sales on them.
Longies! I have long sleeve t-shirts with sweaters and sweatshirts to go with them.
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