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Tips for oral learning/learners

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My son is definitely a visual learner. I know this since almost every bit of information he retains is from something he read and saw a picture of. He is so visual that sometimes his lack of oral skills gets in the way like at soccer, when people talk to him, everywhere LOL (he's cute, though!).

Today I thought of a fun way to get him to practice his oral skills. I don't mean giving a speech in front of people type skills where you articulate clearly and sound smart LOL. I mean creating a mental image from what you hear or say, like if someone tells you what his house looks like you can think it in your mind (is there a term for that? Help!?

Here is what we came up with:
We often play rock, paper, scissors in the car so today I thought...Ah ha and made a new game to help him create mental images from what we were saying. The 1st person thought of the item (rock, paper, or scissor) then kept it a secret, then the 2nd person named his item. The 1st person then told what he had in mind and from this information we took turns naming the winner. Nothing was visual and everything was oral.

This made me think that there must be other fun things to do for oral learners/learning. Does anyone else have any ideas? I 'd love to her some and I'm sure others would, too.

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