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Tips on getting newborn comfy in a pouch?

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I have a new Wise Woman Sling that I just's so comfortable and beautiful. I have no problem getting DD, 2 weeks old, into it. She seems comfy. I just have one concern--is it a problem that her chin always seems tucked to her chest? Can they have trouble breathing that way? Right now her head is on my right side, under the rings. She is kind of on her back curled up. I've tried to straighten her out a bit but it doesn't work. She is asleep so obviously it's not bothering HER LOL.

I just know that when they're in a car seat, for example, you don't want them with their chin dropped too far in case of breathing difficulties. She's full term and healthy, btw. Any tips or am I worrying too much?
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How about trying to put a folded/rolled towel or tiny pillow under her? That should straighten her out a bit (really a pillow would help)....
i say sorta bounce a couple of times until she's in there

sounds weird but it works for me
Another thing that can work well is to lean her head more against the outer side of the sling, rather than having it right in the fold.
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