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tired? bored? teething? why the crankies???

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My 4-month old darling baby girl who has up to now been pretty laid-back and happy, especially in the mornings, has now had 2 fussy-cranky mornings in a row following 2 nights of waking 3-4 times for food. Previously she was sleeping for 6-8 hour stretches and has always been a really good sleeper - even as a newborn she was not up more than twice per night. I'm exhausted and at a loss to explain this sudden change. She's suddenly started using her hands a lot more and being way more interested in her playmat, and she is distractable - I can stop her crying by picking her up and walking her around, but she's crying at EVERYTHING now. Like being fed when she doesn't want to be, or being on the playmat when she doesn't want to be, or just sitting on my lap, or whatever. What's the deal? Is it just tiredness from waking up too much at night? Is her mental development outstripping her physical and she's getting bored because she can't play with enough stuff? Anyone else have this happen? Is this typical teething behaviour? And most importantly, any ideas on how to get my happy, sleeping-through-the-night baby back?

(The upside of this is that she's eating less during the day. She seems WAY less hungry in the morning... maybe I should not feed her during the night when she wakes up, just try to get her back to sleep with rocking or something? She is actually hungry though, she has a good 20-minute to half hour feed when she wakes.)
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My little man went through that at the same age. I think it was teething pain waking him up and bringing on the crankies, even though the first 2 teeth didn't appear until 5 months. From what I understand, even if you don't yet see teeth, the formation and emergence to the surface is quite painful for them.
Hugs to you both!
I would think it's developmental...she's the right age for the next big leap of scares them...but they come through it and understand things like distance...

here is a link
I SO know what you're going through Mama. I have no advice since I just posted my own rant. Just know you're not alone.
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Spughy...You are describing Noah to a *T* right now. All I can say is I'M EXHAUSTED WITH YOU!!!
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I just posted about this same thing last week. My DS was sleeping 6-8 hours at a stretch as well then went to waking up 6-10 times a night. He's now almost 7 months and we're still in the same pattern.

I'm just trying to ride it out the best I can, but it's hard when you don't know the answer isn't it?

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OMG! Me too, Me too! She's constantly crying, drooling, fists in mouth, FEVER, aaaaaaggghhghh!
I hope it's over soon for all the babes and all the mamas!

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