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TMI about sex inside>>>>>>>>

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I have a silly question...

You think it's possible to have um...not so 'nice' sex...and lure the body into labor??? LMBO Get my drift...?

What do you ladies think?
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Jennifer - you "lured" me into reading this ... I am not an expert ... BUT I will admit
that there have been times when I have entered the "not nice" fantasy zone and I got more turned on than I expected, and the *o* was more powerful. I think that it's a combination of semen and the orgasmic reaction that helps you out. BUT it's all completely dependent on whether baby is ready to come out!!! We had reasonable sex for 2-3 weeks before DD2 was born ... maybe we should have been a little kinkier!

DH isn't allowed touch me til next Monday. Which is kind of a bummer because we were planning to have a nekked photo session sometime soon, and that might turn me on ... but my bathroom is going to be retiled starting tomorrow, my MW husband is waiting on a corneal surgery, they might be going away for the weekend, and I've scheduled an afternoon potluck at my house on Sunday! We're not doing *anything* that might trigger labor!

have fun

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I have no idea. But, why not try? Then you can tell us
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not nice is fine but I wouldn't go with too rough...because you don't want ouchy bits to start out with when you are in labor!
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I think we might try tonight. Although I'm a little worried, and will be EXTRA careful bc the other night he was being so very gentle and it hurt. But I WAS just using him for his you know what to help my cervix out. So maybe tonight we can play and get me in the mood rather than "the usual". I HATE being SO boring about sex right now. SO annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did think about wearing the outfit I bought right before we got pg, but I REALLY don't think it'd fit me! LMBO! It's a little black/hot pink apron type thingy with a bra in it...but I think I'd scare him off if I tried to put it on!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

I will let you ladies know if it does anything! But I am waiting for Fri...full moon and all... I have an appt that day too. And I'm going to try to get in to my chiro...straighten me out a bit...maybe THAT will lure Evan out!

Janis>>>>>stay in baby vibes coming your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let us know how it goes...

Definitely with #2 we had some uh stimulation that culminated in me having mild contractions overnight that then turned into real labor the next day!

So, it CAN be done!
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