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I'm putting this here instead of in the fertility forum, b/c my particular question doesn't have a lot,if anything to do with fertility. But if the Powers That Be (
) think it fits better elsewhere, that's cool too.

So. I have a copper IUD. For the first 18mos or so, I loved it. My periods were heavy, but I didn't have the awful cramping I was warned about, and the weight off my mind re: pregnancy was, I felt, a fair trade.
Then I started getting breakthru bleeding. I'd call it spotting, but really, it's heavy enough I need a tampon. A regular tampon, as opposed to the Super Plus tampons I use during a "real" period.
Annoying, and it made me consider having it out. But I was/am at a point where it's even MORE important that I not get pregnant. So...I was willing to deal., it's worse. I'm having a "real" period at the moment, and I'm soaking those super plus tampons, and a pad underneath them, I have to change them every 1 1/2-2hrs
I'm tired/lethargic, cold, no major cramping, but....

I guess what I'm wondering is possible to lose enough blood from breakthru bleeding, and these super heavy periods that I could become anemic????

ETA: I just realized, I started taking prosac recently. I can't remember though, if it was before the bleeding increased, or after...they were close together, I just can't remember which came first. I wonder if it's possible that is having an effect?
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