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TMI PLEASE: I need to know about egg-whites

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I have a personal dryness problem

that the pressure of sex by schedule has made worse.

I also think that maybe I don't have adequate CM, so please could some body tell me about the egg-whites that are much aluded to this month. And I need details:

Do you do them ahead of time and store them? Do they need to be kept refrigerated? (ouch!) Warmed?

How do you get them where they need to go?

How did you find out? How did it go?

Please help
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Ok, I will give you a lesson, pull up a chair.

You can just get regular old eggs from the store, although I prefer organic free-range eggs for health issues. I have also heard of women buying thois cartons of pasteurized eggwhites that are used for cooking.

You're gonna wanna set the egg out for maybe 30-60 minutes before insterting it, otherwise it is super cold. If you don't have 30-60 minutes, you can just use it cold. It isn't really that bad, you body warms in up in a minute.

Break open the egg and carefully seperate out the white!!! Don't use ANY yellow!

For insertion, I used a medicine dropper. I have also heard or a turkey baster, medicine syringe, and mini-baster. I used about 2 baby droppers full. Insert it pretty deep.

It was my first month trying it, and we did it for three days around ovulation. I did end up with an infection that I think was related to the eggs, but another lady did it this month and didn't get one.

We both got pregnant, by the way!
Good luck!
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Thanks, Lucysmama!

I'm in the wait and crossing my fingers I won't need this, but if I do go into the next month, you know I'll be messing around with the whites.
I also had no eggwhite stuff (thats the technical word 'stuff') and hardly any cm to begin with...I used eggwhites once, when I conceived Veronica, after 12 cycles of trying. I cracked a regular egg (wasnt buying organic then, now I would definately use one of those..maybe less 'funk')

I nuked it for like 10 seconds to warm it (would NEVER do that now, especially since we got rid of the microwave lol) then I wisked it up some and had dh pour some in while I assumed the after sex postion to ensure it got to where it should go. then we did 'stuff' and then finally got preg! YEAH!
Katie~ so did you have to see a dr to clear up the infection? My fear about using the eggs is that I will have to go in and explain to my dr what I was doing. She already things I'm a nut...
My fear about using the eggs is that I will have to go in and explain to Dr. my what I was doing.

For some reason I immediately pictured myself in a paper gown, explaining the same thing. I got a much needed chuckle out of it.
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Nah, I'm doctor-phobic. I don't go unless I am SUPER sick. I just let it work itself out, it was gone in about 3 days. It felt like a yeast infection, only no discharge. Maybe I have a mild egg allergy that I never knew about.

But I highly recommend them, and when we start TTC again, (We lost the baby this week) we will for sure use them. Good luck egging!
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So sorry, Lucysmama!
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I'm so sorry for your loss! Please take extra good care of yourself

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i'm so so sorry lucysmama.
wishing you lots of strength and hugs.

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