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A little bit of background:<br>
When I was pregnant with DC2 (who is now 3 1/2 yo), I developed a yeast-like infection around the middle of my pregnancy, and it continued until a few days after birth. I had never had a yeast infection before that pregnancy, so I did have it diagnosed by a CNM. I tried everything to get rid of it- garlic (eating it raw and pessaries), yogurt (internal and eating), lots of probiotics, very strict modified candida diet, and even a full course of monistat. Anyway, nothing phased it for long (except an herbal product, but then it continued to come back). In hindsight, I think when we treated hubby for a yeast infection (using diflucan), I may have reinfected him and then he passed it back to me.<br>
Anyway, now I'm 37wks with #3 and developed the same symptoms just a few months into the pregnancy. We have abstained for the past few months because I was sick of continuous infections. I'm not entirely convinced that it's yeast, as I've always consumed a lot of yogurt, take probiotics, love kimchi, etc. Even with abstinence, I'm beginning to feel itchy after I urinate (witch hazel w/alcohol fixes this). So what do you think, yeast infection? Or does this sound more like a bladder infection now? Or both?<br><br>
And it would be nice to have "relations" with my husband once or twice before the birth, so is there any way that I can treat him without resorting to diflucan? I've heard of the "yogurt on a stick" thing, but sex bothered me most afterward while the semen was sitting inside, so I don't think it's purely external for him. BTW, bothered= painful swelling, plus intense itching for weeks.
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