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TN. Mamas--Is everyone alright?

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Hey mamas. I don't know about ya'll, but last night was stressful with those storms. The kids and I slept in the basment and dh was poised to join us if anything got too bad.

I don't know much about the hail or rain, as we were in the "cave", but I could hear the crazy thunder all night long. I have only taken a quick peek outside, but it looks like we fared okay.

How are you all?? I hope that everyone hunkered down and that noone had anything more severe than the lightning/hail combo.
I was thinking of everyone and your families and just wanted to check in.
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We're fine. The tornados went north and south of us and we didn't have anything but rain and thunder.

I talked to spiralwoman today and her house took some damage but they are all ok.
We all faired well through the storms. We got hail and some damage from that but no tornadoes. I think there was one spotted in the area but it was in the southern part of the city. Now if these freakin clouds would clear out and the sun would come out!!!! I hope everyone else is doing well!!!
We faired very well most of it went north and sounth of use. A tornado was photographed about 15miles away. We were under a tornado warning for about 30 min while that one went thru but after that all was well. There was also some golf ball sized hail and some damage not that far from us.
We mostly just got a lot of heavy rain and wind and tons of lightning. We must have had some hail though because our porch light was shattered.
Scared the kids and the cat, but we're all fine in Spring Hill. Some co-workers of DH had wind damage to their house on the other side of our town.
We got off lucky; no damage this time. Had a little hail damage last week, but not this time.

I was out DRIVING in it at 10:30 p.m. when some whomping bad rain was coming down. We got soaked to the skin running to the car! We were supposed to have been meeting DH at the airport but he was marooned in Cincinnatti. I was just glad he was safe, kwim?
I am in Nashville, very close to the Goodlettsville area that was so badly damaged. My dad's work was completely destroyed, but everyone is okay which is what really matters. I am still trying to get in touch with some friends in Gallatin to make sure they made it through okay. Such a scary day!
tornadoes between dh & me, so i was worried about him driving home from work (i told him to get a motel but he didn't want to spend the $- ah, the decisions one gets to make when one is debt-riddled). we were ok though.

the closet i've ever seen one is out the back window watching one shoosh by- and one i could hear (but not see) about a mile south was REALLY loud- but i prefer it to earthquakes & hurricanes- it feels more like playing the lottery, lol. i am worried about my dd in hurricane country in a manufacured home a lot more.
Well, Dh went to feed our ducks yesterday and one of them was floating in the pond dead. We think it was killed by the hail

I've never seen a tornado. From what I can see they are no fun. Scary stuff.
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