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To all you experienced mamas...

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I am wondering...

If you have been pregnant with both boys and gilrls, did one sex seem to be more active?

I feel like I am pregnant with a girl this time and the baby is WAYYYYYYY more active than I remember my DS to be.

Any feedback anyone?
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I'm on boy #2, and this one is MUCH more active than his brother was. And doesn't get hiccups. He likes to put his head on my bladder and turn it reeeeeeeeeeally slowly. I don't get leg cramps as often this time, either.
Jennifer, you just described exactly what I was going to post. All the way down to the leg cramps.
In fact, my entire pregnancy has been different this time from the get-go. I was so convinced this was a girl that I didn't even believe the u/s techs when they said boy. 3 techs later they convinced me that there's no denying it.
hmmmmmm...since I am not getting any U/S, I guess I have to just wait. Its CRAZY how different pregnancies are!
Butting in from July...dd1 was not so active, ds1 was SO busy (still is as he is climbing on the couch to look out the window as I type!!) and this baby (a girl) isn't nearly as active as he was.
I think that it coorelates a lot with their personalities when they are born too. Dd was SO happy and laidback. DS...that is another story!!
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I had a girl last time and am having a boy this time. This boy is WAY more active than DD ever was. She was decently active, but he never stops. Also, with this pg my m/s was much worse and this pg has been so much harder than the last. I've heard boys are harder than girls, but personally I think its just that every pregnancy (as every child) is different. obvious--why didn't I think of that? Just looking for generalizations to see whether I need to find a boy middle name! Of course its character dependent. Thanks for cluing me in. I give up. Boy/girl? Just have to wait...
I'm pregnant with DD#2 and honestly... they've ALL been active in utero. Now my DD is much more active personality wise than both my boys. I have such mellow boys
until DD gets them all wound up.
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My daughter was WAY more active than my son and those personalities continued into babyhood. My daughter was a highneeds sort of baby while my son was ultra-laid back (only as a baby, he is crazy now!). This baby is by far the most laid back out of the three now. I have no clue if it is a boy or a girl and I wonder if the laid back personality is going to stick during the baby days. It sure is fun finding out, isn't it?
all three of my sons were more active than my daughter. I guess it really just depends on the baby though.
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