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To Anyone who has "Birthing from Within"

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I was flipping thorugh this book a while back and i believe there is a sign in there for homebirth. If I'm right would someone mind letting me know what it says? I'm making my sign and would like some inspiration
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What kind of sign do you mean? I have the book right next to me, but I couldn't find a sign at all. Do you mean something like, "Shhh, home birth in progress"? Do you remember approximately what part of the book it was in? I looked through the Home Birth chapter, and didn't see anything. There's a checklist for parents, but that's all I saw.
It may have been just a picture of a sign or something... yes it was something like "shh homebirth in progress" type thing.. unless I'm mistaken about the book. I believe it was in the last half of the book... this make me wish I had bought the book when I was looking at it last (of course B&N had sold their last copy when I went in there a couple days ago).

Of course it's comlpletely possible that my pregnant brain is making this up, but I could have sworn...
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I think I found it!

On page 268:
"Welcome! Mieka was born July 2 at 2:20 AM. She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz. Thanks for stopping by. Mieka would have been glad to meet you, but her exhausted parents are taking a nap now! Give us a call later so we can arrange a visit. Love, Linda and David"

Is that what you were looking for?
Hmm... That could be it
we're stopping in at B&N today, I'll flip through a few of the books and make sure i'm not losing my mind

Thank you for flipping through for me
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There is an illustration of a sign that reads:

Drug-Free Labor in Progress

Please DO NOT offer drugs or epidural

Thank You for your Confidence and Support
Hmm, maybe that's what I was thinking of?

B&N still didn't have a copy of the book in so I didn't get a chance to flip through it. I'm beginning to think the hormones are playing with my head and making me think I saw something I didn't LOL... Guess I'll start a new thread to see what kind of ideas we can come up with for a sign lol
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we made a sign for our front door during ds' birth. it said simply, "birthing in progress, please do NOT knock or ring bell" and we had it in spanish as well as most of our neighbors speak only spanish. it worked!
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I bet you are thinking about the drug free birth one. i blew thatup, laminated it and had planned to hang it on my door. we didn't end upmaking it to the hospital.
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