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? to Columbia (Howard Co.) Moms...

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My girlfriend is just about ready to have her little boy next month and is looking for a pediatrician. She really liked Dr. Sears-DeMenthon(sp?) but apparently, Dr.S is no longer taking her HMO. She's hoping to find someone who is open to alternative/holistic medicine and who may be willing to let her delay some vaccines...any ideas? thanks!
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I'm sorry I don't know of any good pediatrician. I'm thinking of switching to Dr. Sears-DeMenthon, so I'm glad to hear she likes her. Our ped now is very nice and seems very supportive of BF, but he is really traditional: anti-co sleeping, night nursing, pro-vax.

Has your friend asked Dr. Sears-DeMenthon if she has any recommendations? That might be the best route to go.

We go to Kensington Pediatrics in Kensington. Its a little bit of a drive but they are AMAZING! WE like to see Nancy Hoover, the nurse practicioner but Dr. Fusner is great as well. Big thumbs up to them!
I know I am a little late on this, but I know Nancy Hoover, not as a patient, but years ago she had her son (if I recall Daniel) was in my preschool. I was a teacher and then director of the co-op center.

Anyway, she was great and what a small world.
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