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"To do" before baby lists...

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Just thought I'd help with a to do list thread that we can all post to and edit as we need to add to or we (hopefully) finish our tasks. I'm in a listy mood right now. Maybe we can help each other out with motivation or advice on how to get things done. Dunno. Just thought this might be cute.

Anyhoo.. Heres mine so far!

1. Move DVD rack to living room to make room for mini-cosleeper.
2. Install mini-cosleeper.
3. Have DH install car seats again... (This time maybe he can install it so that the baby will actually be safe... hehehe)
4. Go over birth plan with Midwives.
5. Put together pack and play. Put together snap n go.
6. Buy and install shelves in baby room.
7. Install wall lamp in baby room and buy new shade for it.
8. Buy breast pump.

So whats on your list?
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I would definately add to the list:

- organize reputable breastfeeding support ( your midwives are great ), like LLL or a local numbers, meeting times etc.

- prepare and freeze meals, try and get your friends and family to do a "food-train" for you during the first weeks. ( where everynight someone else will bring you a ready-to-go hot meal )

thats just my 2 cents!
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I already did both of those! That's why its not on my to do list. I was actually making this thread for everyone to post their lists, not just reply to mine, though I don't mind the replies!
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Here it be:

Arrange finances with midwives (they're dropping us down a sliding scale bracket, so we need a refund and we need to then pay a lab bil with part of the refund)

Get my name changed with SSA--never did this after I got married. Don't want any birth cert. issues, so I gotta do that.

Put away school supplies and buy book for next term; rearrange class schedules to that DH and I can do all our own childcare

Order birth kit and herbs for pp baths

Cook more freezer meals (we ate up several of ours when I was finishing term papers)

Finish sorting anj washing baby clothes and diapers

Order snappi, wool-wash, and wipes solution

Install carseats and have them inspected

Do yard work and plant garden

finish painting the half-painted bathroom

Assemble list of phone numbers/e-mails for announcements

Clean out spare room and make up spare bed for midwives and/or MIL

Sew moses basket liner (it's an heirloom-type basket; no commerical liner will fit, and I wouldn't want to use one anyway)

Finish edges on wipes (I cut up some old towels for wipes but need to finish edges. Anyone got a serger?)

Work on baptismal gown (So far i've prepared the fabric--a very nice and expensive Irish linen--now I need to cut it out, sew it, and embroider it.)

Clean living room carpets.

Organize birth supplies so that they can easily transported

Hrm, that's a formidable list. Also thinking of adding:
making a birth plan in case of hospital transfer
obtaining records in case of some kind of emergency and we end up in the close by hospital instead of at home or our first choice back-up. Yeah, I'm hospital phobic. I like to have my t's dotted and my i's crossed before I
walk into one.
making last minute appt with prospective ped. Dunno why I'd need to do this, but he suggested coming in around due date. He's actually an FP. I think we'll just go in a bit after the babe is born.
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Finalize my birth plan and go over it with the doctor
Call LLL for bf rec
Call MOM for doula rec.
Pack hospital bag
Pick names
Double check who will be at hospital and make sure that they know not to call/invite people until we give the okay.
Work on baby albums.
This is a great thread. A good tool to make me write this up - 'cause it's at the top of my list to make a to-do-list!

(Edited: Woo! I am actually checking stuff off! It's a start!)

replace missing bolt on cradle (& pick up other misc. hardware)
sew up cradle sheets/hem receiving blankets
*DONE! get shower pictures uploaded for family back home
design birth announcements
pack birth center bag
*DONE pack maya's overnight bag
write birth essay for midwives
write birth plan in case of hospital transfer
read up on my new breastpump
*DONE register: carseats, breastpump
get carseats inspected at policestation (find out if this is state law here)
write mad tons of thank you notes
order gift for SIL who has been watching DD for appointments/when we birth
frame/hang pictures in kids' room
fill out birth certificate paperwork
figure out what the heck we're doing about the name.

make some more freezer meals
*DONE fix car!
keep my blood pressure down!
snuggle my sweet kid
be patient!

This is a start, anyway. We'll see what I manage, huh? 35 weeks right now. Must make it to 37 with low bp for birth center birthing.
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I think I've finished almost everyhting.
I've been nesting up a storm! Not to mention this is #3 so not a lot that needs done.

Wait, I just remembered... I do need to pick up the bouncer/rocker as that will be the only baby device I'll have around the house and I'll need that to be able to lay baby down while I shower. Otherwise, I'm good to go. I'm an obsessive planner/organizer and have had the nesting bug for the last few weeks.

Good luck getting it all done mamas!
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1. Order Birth Kit
2. Get rest of birth supplies (plastic sheet, fitted sheet, md. bowls, witchhazel, ginger root, etc.)
3. Get carseat, cosleeper, sling, nursing bra, and a few other things
4. Get a lil something for DD.
5. Call my mom and have her send me some of my receiving blankets & regular blankets that I have from DD.

That's pretty much it. Make sure everythings washed, I have my paper bags made up and I'm ready to go!

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1. Finish packing hospital bag (I keep randomly putting stuff in there- it's like I'm afraid that if I actually do it, it becomes real- like I AM going to have another baby 15 months after having one)

2. Finish washing baby stuff that my mom brought over today

3. Buy gifts for big brothers from baby sister (and maybe buy a little something for DH too)

4. Easter baskets (not baby related, but needs to get done)

5. Put car seat in van

6. Have DH put all the crap up in the attic that should have been put up in it when he was home 2 weeks ago

7. spend as much time with the boys as possible- especially Alden
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~vacuum the van
~add pp pads and wetbag to the suitcase already in the van
~get a plastic tub for the car to hold slings and emergency clothing and diapering supplies
~assemble Amby bed that's collecting dust in ds's closet
~retrieve baby crap (bouncer, travel swing, breast pump parts, etc) from the attic
~buy a bajillion batteries of all sizes for said baby crap
~wash/organize breast pump supplies
: get a stroller (this has turned into such a source of stress!), but this may have to wait until after dd is born
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Great idea!! I just started making a list yesterday!

(Many of my things are not specifically baby related but things that I want done so I can have a peaceful babymoon!!)

1. Clean out refrigerator

2. Give both bathrooms a thourough cleaning

3. Return baby gown I decided I don't like and buy new first outfit -- DONE

4. Declutter office

5. Hang clothesline (I think my dad is coming down today to do this!

6. Laundry, laundry, laundry...

7. Declutter our bedroom

8. Set up co-sleeper (or bedrail...not sure which we will use first

9. Buy/dig out misc. stuff...straws (so I don't spill water all over the babe and the bed at night), breast pads, alcohol swabs, lanisoh (sp?)

10. Cook and freeze

11. Easter stuff

12. Big sister present for DD -- DONE

Ok...that's enough for now. I'll add more when I think of it (and hopefully cross a few off soon!!)
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The first thing on my to-do list is "make a to-do list"

But now that I am doing that:

* Write up birth plan and "in case of transfer" plan
* Figure out what other stuff we need to put on the registry [ETA: have added more things, but probably will add more... but I think now I have all the basics covered]
* Wash dipes and clothes we've already recieved
* Rent co-sleeper
* Order birth kit
* Fill out tub rental form to take to my MW next week
* Bug my mom and sister to send the box of baby stuff they've been holding for me [ETA: done
* Figure out who to send announcements to! (And get/ make announcements, leaving room to add pertinent info after the birth)
* Make a phone tree list of people to call *after* the birth (no one but the MW is getting called during the birth!)

Hmmm... that doesn't actually seem to bad, now that I look at it
But I'm sure I'll think of more later...
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I've finally tackled most of the stuff on mine, yay! The last few things that I think I need to do are:

-Get some soothing cream for the ladies

-Pack my hospital bag

-Get to the grocery store and get this cook and freeze going

I hope you guys feel as good as I did/do each time I got/get something crossed off!
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Oh, these are good lists. I feel like we're pretty ready in terms of baby gear and such, but the truth is there are a lot of not-totally-related-to-baby things that need to get done in order for me to feel like this house isn't total chaos. Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to dig up that thread about cooking and freezing. Anyone know where that is and could you give it a bump?

Originally Posted by KatSG
I'll have to dig up that thread about cooking and freezing. Anyone know where that is and could you give it a bump?
: I need to see that thread, I was in denial when it was first posted but I have got to do something about food.
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Oh, me, too. I can see now that I'm in denial about a lot of things...

Originally Posted by KatSG
Oh, me, too. I can see now that I'm in denial about a lot of things...
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Originally Posted by momma2emerson
~buy a bajillion batteries of all sizes for said baby crap
Oh my god! We've made THREE SEPERATE TRIPS to the drugstore for THREE SEPERATE SIZES of batteries in the past 5 days.... I never realized how many batteries one child needs..... hehehe
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Y'all are kidding right? I have to make preparations? There really is something happening other than my belly swelling up like nobody's business?

OK. Here's my list.

I need to find all the pieces to my Amby. I didn't exactly "put it away" and the kids are always dragging them all over the house. Then I will wash the linens, I want to replace the foam part of the mattress, and I want to get that stuff at the hardware store to dip the powder-coated metal part in because of that thread last year about the dust from the metal parts getting in some baby's eyes.

I would love to get the house tiled before baby comes, but that's probably a pipe dream. I'd at least like to get the carpet out of my bedroom and tile it and get an area rug. DH has a dream of getting a new bed but I don't see the $ for that happening. My bathroom is exposed plumbing, bare concrete and drywall and I'd like to get it finished before the baby. I pulled the application for the building permit which DH has never bothered to do. Got it off the web today. I'm thinking.. just thinking... that I'll take the permit down there myself, and then go to the hardware store myself and buy everything we need, and just start doing it. If Robin on HomeTime can do it, why can't I? Apparently Prince Charming is happy putting it off until we retire.

Sometime before I need to go somewhere with the baby, I need to get a car seat.

I suppose washing all the new gowns I bought and the new diapers my friend helped me sew would be a modest project.

My diaper-sewing friend asked me if anyone was doing a baby shower... so I have a friend from church I feel safe mentioning it to... the diaper-sewing friend said she'd love to help co-ordinate a shower and invite all my non-church friends to. My church friends should be all over that, the chance to invite all my "heathen friends" to the church. Haha. Every baby at my church gets a baby shower and a meal-train..... no matter if it's a firstborn or 10th born baby... they celebrate 'em all.

I need to train this new couple who offered to help with the Parenting Classes at the Pregnancy Resource Center. I've been teaching The Parent Project by Dr. Sears (it was Dr. Sears' response to the Ezzo thing in churches) and I'm enjoying teaching it, but I need to train this couple to take over for me so I can go into hiding at any time. My girls in my class are due within weeks of me, we're all May mamas, and we've really bonded, so I plan to teach until I absolutely can't... but I want this couple ready to take over if I need to take time off. Plus I think I'll let them take over that prenatal parenting class and start a Mama-Baby Playgroup/support group.

HM.... really everything on my list could be done after the baby arrives... except training someone to take my place teaching classes.... so I guess I better focus on that first (even though picking out tile would be more fun LOL)...
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Originally Posted by CindyCaz
Oh my god! We've made THREE SEPERATE TRIPS to the drugstore for THREE SEPERATE SIZES of batteries in the past 5 days.... I never realized how many batteries one child needs..... hehehe

No kidding. And wait 'til you see how fast baby equipment eats these things. Rechargable is the way to go!!!
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