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To my dh on Father's Day...

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I just typed a poem for him to put together with a little collage of pics of him and dd that i made, and i thought we could all talk about what we love about our dh as fathers

I personally, am blown away by what a marvelous father my husband is. I mean, he is just so THERE for her. And the way he is just besotted with her, makes my heart fill with gladness whenever i see him looking at her. I know that because of this in large part, no matter how great of a mom i am, she will be a woman who loves herself and will accept nothing but the highest standard of a man as her mate. Whenever he does dishes or cooks or what have you, i tell her 'You see daddy cooking? That's what husbands and daddies are SUPPOSED to do.'

Also, and this is very meaningful to me, i think he helps me to be a better mother, no question about it. If he didn't give me the time i need, as well as offering a different perspective on parenting this very intense and spirited child, i think i would lose it some days. Also, his gentleness and patience inspire me every day.
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My dh, too, is very wonderful as a daddy, and as a husband. I tell him all the time that our dd will know what she deserves in a dh b/c of his example, and our ds's will know how to be great husbands and fathers.

He is a great man! Happy Father's Day Pete!
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i'm 35 weeks along... and this is dh's first baby. i know he's nervous about being a good daddy, but i think that's a sign that he's gonna do great!

i wonder what the next year will bring...

Another mama in awe of an amazing dh and daddy. He's outside with our almost 4yo in the pool and i'm listening to him play with her. he's so fun with her..she's laughing her little head off.

He's getting a full pedicure soon as baby is done nak and asleep. Rubbing, pumous stone, lotions...he needs his poor ol' feet pampered.
It's great to read about other good Dads. My son's father is so involved, so loving, so gentle. He's always done more than his fair share of housework and childcare. He's worked so hard at a paying job so I could work hard at being a fulltime Mom. I'm in awe of his dedication and love.

We didn't get to spend Father's Day together, my husband is on a training mission, getting ready to go to Iraq. My son missed being with his Dad today, but he's so proud of his Dad. I am too.
Do not ever take your DH or your own Father for granted.

Life is too short and each day is a gift from G-d.
My dh is truly a gift to me and my boys. He has such patience, love and kindness for them. He wishes that he could be home with them everyday. He makes me a better mommy, by giving me quiet time, space to do ME things and telling me how lost he and the boys would be without me. He is involved in every aspect of our lives from housework, yardwork and emotional stuff. He is showing our boys how to be a truly amazing father and dh and I know they will carry that with them always. I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful man that I have married. He even gave ME alone time on Fathers Day!
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