It's a hotly debated topic: Should you pierce your infant's ears? For many, it's a cultural rite of passage. For others? It's body desecration without permission. What are your thoughts on infant ear piercing?

It's an age-old question--should you pierce an infant's ears? Obviously, they're not able to voice their opinion on the topic one way or the other.

Some moms believe it's a rite of passage in their familial culture. Some just love how it looks. Some moms think it's an assault on an infant who has no say. Where's the line?

In an article from Today Parents, the topic was discussed. Using Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's decision to have their daughter North West should have her ears pierced when she was just about a year-old, the article recanted the debate through the years.

According to the article, in 2015, an advice column from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette called infant ear piercing near child abuse. The letter rightly stated that the baby has no input in the decision and likened ear piercing to possibly the same as tattooing an infant as well.

Responses to the letter pointed out that in many other countries, babies often left the hospital with gold studs in place--as their culture dictated. Piercing (or not piercing) a baby's ears should be a parent's sole decision, many claim.

But many believe that some things about raising a child should not be left solely to parental discretion. Claiming that to pierce a baby's ears with needles simply for culture or style is kin to 'giving a child a whooping' because that's cultural as well. Both practices are considered to be abusive to children by some.

Still, according to the article, piercing a baby's ears has nothing to do with vanity or style, and everything with cultural tradition for some. Roxana Soto is the co-founder of Spanglish Baby, and in the article, said that for Latina moms, this was just tradition.

But others consider it a painful, unnecessary action that's taken out on a baby, with no input of her own or concern for whether she may even want her ears pierced as she grows.

And they're not alone. More and more, finding someone reputable, clean and safe to pierce an infant's ears is becoming more difficult. Pediatrician offices wave off, as do many tattoo parlors--the place where many moms take their tween/teen daughters when they make the decision to pierce.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics website, though, ear piercing is safe for cosmetic reasons, and at any age. It also recommends postponing until a child can take care of the pierced ear herself to prevent infection. Any time the skin is pierced, infection risk is a given. Particularly if you pierce your baby's ear at a local 'mall-type' shop and not inside a more sterile environment.

And the concept that babies, though small, are still people and feel pain is not lost on those who advocate against the practice, cultural or not. They have rights too.

So, where do you stand on the infant ear piercing issue?

Image: alexeisido/Shutterstock