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to read when you feel worried!

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or scared or sleepless about the........upcoming birth!

this is a great site!
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For me, I am very lucky to have had three totally beautiful home births. And I can speak from experience when I say that pain is 100% linked to fear for me. My births are usually very fast and intense. They come on hard and strong. I'm not always mentally/emotionally prepared for the shock, and if I succumb to my fear, I tense up and WHAM! It hurts. But when I let go and sink inside and let my body and baby do what needs to be done, the pain disappears. It is truly like an out of body experience. I feel like being in a hospital, or even at home with midwives, etc, can be distracting. I can end up feeling like I am performing or trying to do what they want or expect. The longer I can spend alone, surrendering to my body, the smoother it all goes.

Anyway, just my own experience. If I have learned anything through the years, it is that births are like fingerprints -- they are all different! And what each woman finds comfortable/acceptable is totally unique to that woman. Give birth where you feel safe and protected (home, hospital, wherever!), and you are more likely to have a smooth delivery!
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That article is very comforting. It's a shock to think that labor and baby are coming up so soon, that I panic each time I think of going to the hospital.
me too, texmati
and i been dere done dat and know its gonna be ok so what's my excuse

part of its the unknown which i have no control over and which is why i prefer to be in a bit of denial til it happens
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that's my plan! I've been like that about everything with the baby though. I am trying to spend time with dh each day talking through bringing the baby home, ect. It's helped, for the one day that we've been doing it.
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