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To Working Mamas-to-Be...

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Do you ever wish you could stay home all day and sleep? Sometimes I feel alone in this get-through-the-pregnancy-exhaustion-while-at-work kind of way.

Sometimes I'm tired of worrying about X at work when there's this cool person being created inside of me.

I don't really know what my point is. I don't want to stop working because I know it would be boring to me ot be home all day, yet I could sure use a break.
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I completely understand!

This is my 4th pregnancy and each time I've been through the "how can I be here worried about getting this project done? I have (a) baby stuff to research (b) a nursery to prepare (c) a baby kicking me! (d) no sleep since I woke up 12 times to pee last night - you name it, I've thought it

It seems to go in waves for me. At the beginning I would have days where I'd forget I was pregnant except for the m/s. In the second trimester I felt good, and wasn't big yet, so I'd forget. Now I'm ~10 weeks away and it's constantly on my mind! I also have more of a craving to be home with DD before the baby gets here.

But, the workday does end, and I get to go home, play with DD and then sleep

Hang in there!

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Afternoons are my real trials. I get queasy at lunchtime and it usually lasts all afternoon. It's hard to focus, impossible to concentrate. All I want to do is go home and sleep. Bleh.

I'm also having trouble sleeping thorugh the night. Forever getting up to pee and as soon as it starts getting the least bit light out, I wake up. And the rooster crows at 4:30. That doesn't help either.
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I get up at the crack of dawn, too! DH used to get up before me and now we've swtiched roles. I'm up by 5 or 6 and he's still asleep.

I have to sleep near the bathroom. Our BR is upstairs and there's no bathroom up there, so DH and I sometimes sleep apart. Sometimes he sleeps on the floor next to me in the guest room.
I wake up at 4am for work and I am just in a fog all day. I'm so surprised I haven't quit yet. Mmm, probably because I would lose my car if I did because I wouldn't be able to make the payment.
I am there with you! And my job is very seasonal and I dont have a lot to do right now. So I kill time surfing, reading atricles, etc online. ANd I think, I could be home doing this. And spending time with DS. And getting the occassional nap (DS naps about 50% of the time, even less when I am there) but hey, there's always the option!

Oh and I leave for work at 6:30 and DH and DS are still sleeping. I HATE getting out of bed and leaving them there. It sucks so bad! (But with Atlanta traffic there are no other options unless I wanted to spend 3+ hours a day on the road!)

I am doing everything I can to get out of work. The original plan was Sept, so I could have a couple months with DS before the new babe. But now I am hoping for July/August.
Can you take a long weekend or something before the baby comes? Maybe a day or two around July 4 weekend?

I agree that work priorities are not high on my list right now...luckily it's rather slow, but my motivation is, well, non-existent. But I would SO not be bored staying home all day (well, actually, I work at home, but you know what I mean)...especially if we had a second car and i could go places!
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