Target is leading the way to offer more gender neutral options for customers.

Once again, retailer Target is leading the way to offer more gender neutral options for customers, announcing they will be carrying a new inclusive line of kids' clothes featuring the fabulously fun characters of Toca Boca!

I admit it. I love the Toca Boca apps my son plays with. I mean, seriously - have you ever played with Toca Hair Salon? Forget Snapchat filters - that app is hilarious!

Now, they're sharing their new line of inclusive clothing exclusively with Target so kids have even more fun and colorful clothing options. Oh, and as Target looks to move away from the pink/blue stereotypes for kids, the Toca Boca Line is inclusive of all children, offering gender neutral options as well.
Cute accessories and clothing are Target's new gender neutral line

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The line has a lot of fun animal prints, and true to Toca Boca's fun and colorful apps (38, and all with gender neutral characters!), will appeal to kids because they're full of whimsy and childhood wonder. Toca Boca's goal is to make sure that no child ever feels excluded, and designs everything for all children, so they're excited to be offering this line exclusively at Target.
Gender Neutral clothing for kids hits Target

The collection will sit in between the girls' and boys' aisles of the Target stores that will carry it, where children will be able to simply see it as clothing, not 'boy' or 'girl' clothing. It'll allow little girls who dig dinosaurs and little boys who think that glittery unicorns are the coolest thing ever to find what fits her or him, without any preconceived ideas given to them about what they should or shouldn't like simply because of their sex.

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The line will include bedding, pillows and accessories, and some things will still be labeled as 'boy' or 'girl' but mostly for fit or cut. Toca Boca used an outside advisory board committed to the inclusion of all children, regardless of sex, ethnicity or ability, and wants to offer all kids the same opportunities to indulge in what they like - just because they like it. Everything they make is full of fun whimsical details that include color palettes for all children.
Adorable accessories are part of Target's new gender neutral line

So check it out, and honestly...if you haven't checked Toca Hair Salon? Go. Do so now. You and your little will LOVE it!