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Today I

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breastfed my friends 4 month old son. She has supply issues and I was at her house. My 11 month old had absolutely no interest in nursing when she was having so much fun playing. My friend was going to give her son some formula, but my milk had just let down so I breastfed him for her. Am I in the cool club now?
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That's great he got BM instead of formula....but shouldn't your friend be nursing like crazy to build up her supply, even if nothing's comming out, the more stimulation the better no?....I'm sure there are circumstances, but suplimenting with formula because of low supply can cause a vicious cycle- careful!

Don't mean to put a damper on your parade- i was impressed nonetheless! lol That's gutsy, but fantastic!
She's been pumping up a storm. This is her fourth child and she has never had enough to not need to supplement. She said today that she doesn't htink she has the normal amount of milk ducts. I'm not quite sure why she thinks this.
Pumping often doesn't allow the 'let down' to happen as much as baby sucking.

Good for you for helping her out and giving babe 'the good stuff'!

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Good for you! I hope someday we live in a world where this is normal, where women are friends and support each other to the extent that we feel comfortable sharing this duty.

My Sil just had a baby 4 days ago, by emergency C-section. She had formula until yesterday, and I would have gladly, GLADLY nursed that baby so she didn't have to start her life with iron-fortified formula.
But my SIL isn't quite there yet.
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I totally think this puts you in the cool club. Good for you!!!
That is awesome! I agree she should nurse as much as possible to build up her supply, but if she was going to give him formula anyway, that is great you got to nurse him. I would totally nurse my friends' babies but there has never been a need. However, I wouldn't want someone else nursing my babies unless it was an emergency. I would be jealous.
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