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Today Show Pro-Circ Discussion Sigh...

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I feel like banging my head on my desk, lemme tell ya.

Anybody see this discouraging interview? The ONLY good thing I can say about it is it could have been worse, I suppose. Twenty years ago when I first started my fight against RIC, however humble it might be compared to the work of others, if someone had told me we'd still be hearing "facts" like these, I'd never have believed it.

I'd recommend everybody gear up, jog your memory on all the facts on why circumcising to "fight AIDS" is bogus, and be ready, because I for one predict a coming tidal wave of argumentative misinformation will be on us from many sides. If it's true the CDC and maybe other groups are on the verge of recommending universal circumcision, God help us, we're going to have to fight twice as hard.

I only have a minute left on my break time or I'd say more but if anyone else feels like listing some counter-arguments against the whole circ to prevent HIV bunk, I'd appreciate it.

Off the top of my head, though, in my last thirty seconds, let me say I find it useful to point out those nations without circumcision often have the lowest rates of HIV in the world, with the reverse being true, too.

OK, OK, back to work, catching an evil stare here.

Keep up the good fight, everyone!!!!
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