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Today was my due date...

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My beautiful twins were due today, although I expected to have them sooner. We waited and tried for two years for those babies, ending up using ivf. Now, Saturday we transfered two more embryos from another ivf try. I am torn between hope for the new life that may reside within me and grief over the lives of my children that I will never know.

Regardless of the outcome of this cycle, the new baby/babies will NOT replace the lost ones. I know this in my heart, but still worry that other's will not understand. Sometimes I wonder if I should have thought more about timing of this cycle, yet I need the hope to help me carry on.

Thanks for listening. I just wanted to be able to acknowledge the babies that I cherished for such a brief time, and miss still.
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Julia'sMom ~
for your beautiful twins. I remember us cycling together and the pain we endured from infertility (and still endure) and how thrilled and happy I was for your bfp. I remember being in disbelief over your loss of the twins. There are no words for what you have endured.

I pray that your embies grow and that you have a wonderful and healthy sucessful pregnancy. I completely understand that no one will replace your lost twins. They lived inside you and were very loved and wanted (still). I know you are trying to keep your chin up and are very positve and supportive while going thru so much. I wish you the best
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s your way today and holding you in my heart.
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Julia'sMom I remember your twins and I remember your loss and I am so sorry.
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Remembering your twins today

Sending you much LOVE.
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Julia's Mom, I remember you and your twins, as well. My EDD for my lost babe is in April, too -- we briefly shared that DDC together.

Loss anniversaries/milestones are really hard, I'm discovering.
I'm thinking of your angels and wishing hard for a BFP for you in a couple of weeks!

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*HUGE hugs* to you mama. I hope so much that the transfer you had on Saturday went very well, and that there are little ones nesting right now within you.

Thanks so much ladies! I just felt a strong urge to remember them. I ended up buying a little photo album, which I plan to put all of the u/s pictures in and perhaps write a little about them and my love. Huge HUGS to all of you ladies who have suffered a loss.
That sounds like a beautiful idea. I am so sorry for the loss of your twins.
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