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Today's Dear Prudie

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I opened the paper this morning and some guy had written in complaining to Dear Prudie that his wife still let their 7 year old daughter sleep in their bed. He doesn't like it and is now sleeping on teh couch. He wrote that he is going to divorce her if the daughter doesn't move into her own bed. Prudie said that the mom is emotionally disturbed and using her daughter as a chastity belt and basically said that the divorce would be justified and said the guy should try to get custody of his children!!!
She said that this woman must be causing emotional problems for her 7 year old daughter too! Now if her husband is unhappy with the sleeping arrangements I certainly agree that the two of them need to talk about it, but why assume the act can and does only occur in bed at night! AND IT MAKES ME SO MAD WHEN PEOPLE CLAIM THAT COSLEEPING DAMAGES CHILDREN SOMEHOW!!!! Jeez, millions of people around the world must be permanently messed up if this is true. I was just reading the other day about a study that showed older cosleeping children have more confidence and are more successful in school that solo sleeping children (I think maybe it was at the Notre Dame sleep research guy's website )

Everyone please write Prudie and straighten her out!
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that is So stupid! Why are these people allowed to give advice to others when they obviously have no idea what they're talking about? I mean, that's just her opinion!!!
using her dd as a "chastity belt"?!

since when does co-sleeping = no sex? that just shows her ignorance...yeah people couldn't possibly GIO during the day or use the bed in the guest room or the couch or anywhere for pete's sake! :LOL
I am all for co-sleeping, but I will say it is POSSIBLE that the woman is using their DD as a "chastity belt." If he's ready to divorce her over this, he doesn't sound like the nicest guy . . .maybe she's trying to get away from him. Plus, if they had a healthy sex life, he wouldn't be complaining so much . . .and why don't they? Clearly, something is wrong.
True, true. I do agree that the two of them need to talk about the cosleeping if the guy is unhappy about it. I think the thing that got me the most is that Prudie thinks cosleeping with an older child = emotionally unhealthy, and that the woman should have her children taken away from her because she cosleeps with one of them. I just think there's a lot more going on here that the guy is letting on, but I feel like she had her mind made up as soon as she heard "cosleeping," KWIM?
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