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Toddler activities

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Hello ladies!

I am new to this forum and I am looking for some new, exciting, and educational activities to do with my 27-month-old son.

I know some children his age are already in preschool learning ABCs and 123s. I would love to be able to give him every opportunity but don't know how to go about doing this.

Any info would be great!

Thank you all for your time!
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When my son was that age, I usually followed his lead. He was very interested in drawing, so I got him big crayons and a notebook of his own. He went through a 200-page notebook in a couple days and was ready for more. I drew some pictures for him, which he tried to copy. He is 3 now and still goes through paper like crazy - he uses the back of printed paper, old notebooks that I have from school for some reason, and even the back of business cards so we don't waste too much paper! My daughter is about 27 months old and she's getting interested in music, so I sing a lot with her.

I feel like when I follow their lead, I won't unintentionally push them too hard or force them to do something they're not ready for.
i can list a few things my two year old likes. of course all kids are different. he is ahead in some areas but i'm sure behind in others (like listening to his mom!! lol)

-practice writing lines, circles, letters with magic markers on a "preschool" dry erase book
-flash cards
-mall play area
-jumping on the porch
-lining up all his cars and trains
-reading books of course!
-magnets on the fridge
-helping with my chores
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For some reason Nichole reminded me of one of my kids' favorite warm-weather things to do. If you have a paved driveway, a sidewalk, or a porch, give your son a little bucket of water and a paintbrush and show him how to paint on the hard surface. My kids loved doing this last summer, and they got a kick out of it when their artwork disappeared when the water evaporated. When it was really hot they went out in their bathing suits and had water fights when they got bored with "painting."
I just posted about doing that in another thread. My DS loves to go outside and paint with water. He can paint the driveway, the house, the basketball goal, whatever he wants to!
We go outside and talk about what we see. This afternoon he spent a good 30 minutes or so watching a caterpillar (or "paterpillar"). We talked about how it was fuzzy, DS said it was cute and nice. We talked about how it moved, and he just spent a lot of time watching it and not saying anything. I think that's really important, just having time to observe. I think it's the first caterpillar he's seen in real life, so he was very interested.
Thank you ladies!
There are some really great ideas here!
I know DS is going to love some of these activities.
We also spend a lot of time working in the yard, planting, watering, etc. I think it's important for kids to see us working, and feel like they're contributing too. On days when the weather is bad, he helps me in the house. Yes, it would be easier to change out the laundry when he's sleeping or playing, but he enjoys helping, and I think that by helping with household chores they're learning so much. I think they need to see that this doesn't just "get done", but that someone has to do it.
I don't worry too much about being "educational"...we just play and learn together. When we read I'll point out different things, letters if he is showing an interest in letters, numbers when he loves numbers....i just watch for his cues and then follow them as the previous poster said. Right now my son loves counting and playing with letters....he wants to know how to "smell" (spell) i'll tell him the sound the first letter makes and we'll figure it out together. When i give him snacks, I ask how many pieces he wants, etc, and then we count them together, or whatever. Right now we have a countdaon calendar ( a piece of paper with a box for each day until his cousins come) ...every morning we cross off a square and count how many are left.

We go on nature walks, listen for different types of birds, collect stuff, and spend lots of time reading. he paints (w/ water) on a chalkboard and with paint on paper. we mix colors to see what will happen. he loves to help me cook.

i thiink they are so busy soaking up every little thing at this age that you just try to have fun with them and chat it up as you go, explain when he asks, and when he doesn't too.

they learn, regardless of whether or not we try to intentionally teach them, kwim?
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