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There's a video game on the iPhone called Feed Me. It's for older kids. I'm not sure how old because they mix up color name identification problems with simple addition and subtraction problems and name the shape problems.<br><br>
Well my toddler obviously gets the "which one is pink" quiestion. Obviously the pig not the grapes or the bear. And it's all multiple choice. If you get one wrong it just makes a face and goes on to the next problem. No problem.<br><br>
It just cracked me up when he took a number from the multiple choice list and instead of feeding it to the monster, which he knows as good as everybody else is how you play the game. He put it over the "?" in 1+3=?<br><br>
Of course it didn't stick, the game wasn't designed that way. And I think he picked the wrong number. But good try kid. Good eye for spotting the one that doesn't belong.
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