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Toddler and newborn question

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I have an 18 month dd who mostly cosleeps. She moves around a lot. Sometimes sleeps upside down, has sat up in the night and then lay down again hitting me in the face with her head! Anyway, I am having another baby next March and am wondering what to do, Ifeel nervous having my dd and a newborn together. How do you manage this?
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I am not sure how we will manage but I think it will go fine. I am do anyday and my dd is 26 months. we have a king that we just added a single too. we sleep dh, dh me and new babe will be on the other side of me. I think this will work ok.
We also sleep with babies in between us. We sleep DH, DS, Me, DD. It seems to work out very well for us. We have a king size bed with railings on both sides and on at the foot. We are planning on adding a twin size bed as a side car pushed up next to the big bed this fall when my DD gets a bit bigger, so we all have more room.
We sleep dh, ds (3 yo) ,then me and 2mo ds, sometimes baby is next 3 yo and sometimes he's next to the edge of the bed depending on which side he nursed on last. My arm is always kind of around him because I almost always fall asleep nursing, so if ds1 rolls towards us I feel him. We also have this round pillow - I think it might be called a bolster - it's shaped like a log - we put it btween baby and big brother and it keeps his arms and legs from flopping on the baby.
right now, we're in separate beds (dd and I are upstairs in a queen and ds and dh are downstairs in a king). This is mostly because ds has finally started sleeping through the night and I DO NOT want dd waking him up every two hours and screwing up all our hard work

when dd and I move downstairs, it will be dh, ds, me and then dd in crib (sidecar arrangement).
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