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toddler carrying?

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I had used a baby bjorn with ds until he weighed too much. However, I have heard that there are wraps that are comfortable for moms to carry toddlers.

My mom made me a maya wrap out of cotton from their pattern online- but it doesn't work so well. Did we use the wrong kind of fabric? Any suggestions?

So, what wraps work best for big kids (and that are also great for nb since I'll need to use it for more children)? There are SO many brands out there and I don't want to waste money on one that isn't wonderful.

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I made my first maya wrap out of cotton, and it works GREAT. Maybe check out"> Sling Wearing Instructions </a> for some good tips, that is my favorite site for instructions.

I also use a Podeagi I made myself with the instructions at">Rev. Jan's </a> site.
I carry my 32 lb almost 3 year old in a homemade Maya. Its just a 100% cotton calico print. I usually do a hip or back carry with him. I'm getting an ABC sometime this week and want to try him in it as well.
I recommend an ABC from I think it's a great next step after the Bjorn. Also another good carrier is the Ergo. Check them out at

And I am curious as to why specifically your homemade Maya didn't work...
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