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...and I feel like I'm about to go over the deep end. I suspect this topic has been covered many times on this forum, but I dont have the time even to skim through while she has her (impossibly) short afternoon nap.<br>
Why does she suddenly want to nurse every 20 minutes all night?? I thought it was connected to a growth spurt, or the wind and storms we've had have woken her just enough that she wants to nurse back to sleep.... but it doesn't really seem to follow either pattern. For three of four days in a row we sleep poorly, then things are better for two or three nights and just as I start to feel rested and caught-up we have another bad night. I'm normally a morning person, but lately feel like a zombie when I wake. I've been relying on coffee and television to get the day started. This is NOT like me. And it feels like no one is sympathetic. The world expects new mother of infants to be exhausted and drained, but once we have a two year old it's our own stupid fault that the kid is still nursing and sleeping with us. Ahhh! I am happy with our family bed most of the time. I dont want to push her out before she's ready. But how do I gently and firmly say "no nilks" when she's not even awake, and her sticky little hands are searching my body. I dont want her to wake up crying and know that if she becomes frustrated our whole family will be rest-deprived for the next day. This way it's just me who takes the hit. She seems to sleep through her late-night nursing sessions and wakes happy and rested.<br>
And... My sweet husband is NOT an morning person, but very graciously leaves the house by 6 am to work the opening shift at a local cafe. He's home by 2:30. We love his hours, but he's always complaining about being tired and searching for opportunities to have afternoon naps. It's fine with me if he needs to rest when he gets home, but then he claims he's not sleepy at bed time and stays up until midnight or later playing video games. Ahhh. I'm sure I get less rest than he does, but he's the one who gets all the accommodation. I cant manage to nap in the afternoon any longer. Just when I'm about to drift of the kid wakes up, and I"m left more frustrated than if I just pushed thought and never considered resting. I'm explained the cotosol-sleep cycle to my husband, and how my naturopath recommends we try to get to sleep before 10pm, before out next push of stress hormone kicks in and we're up until the wee hours. He thinks it's fine for me to go to bed at 8:30, missing any chance for an normal adult night life, but he still insists he couldn't fall asleep at that time even if he tried. Normally I can cope with his reluctance to get whatever healthy rest he can manage, but when I'm tired to... oh boy.<br><br>
and there she is, waking up... fifteen minutes later. ahhh.<br><br>
how did you wean at night, but keep nursing to sleep and sharing a family bed?
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