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Toddler Crafts

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I was wondering what craft things you do with your toddler? I want to do more things with my son (almost 2)
any ideas would be much appreciated!
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My dd is 19mo, still a little young for real crafts, but I do things like let her scribble on a paper plate and then cut out eye and mouth holes for a mask. She loves that. We also did it with a paper bag
: She likes play dough and any coloring. Of course, nothing last very long before she moves on to something else!
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I get a lot of my ideas from, "More Toddlers Together, The Complete Planning Guide for a Toddler Curriculum, Vol. II" passed on to me from my sil, a homeschooler. I am sure you could find it in a library. We also use, "The Toddler's Busy Book". One of the books has "first aid art" - using a piece of paper and mounting things like bandaids, cotton balls, q-tips, etc. DD really like the project but I found it a bit disturbing once posted on our refridgerator.

That said, on most days we simply stick with paste sticks & cut out construction paper, watercolors, and playdough.
My ds (23 months) loves to paint. You can get many recipes for safe fingerpaints--I would post one here but I'm sure it's copyrighted. I also recently bought some non-toxic, washable poster paints and got him some brushes and some large paper. He has a ball! He asks me almost everyday if he can paint. Of course I have to supervise closely, but so far there hasn't been too much mess. I just spread newspaper all over the table and put him in a big T-shirt that I've pinned up out of his way.
My DS who is almost 20 months loves to color and as soon as I buy them, I am going to have him finger paint outside.
We love waterpaints and sidewalk chalk on the driveway! Homemade play doh is lots of fun too!
This website has some good ideas and a newsletter that comes with a free ebook of ideas. She really emphasizes that these are crafts geared toward toddlers and their abilities:

This is not free, but I see they are advertising here now:
I did purchase this a month or so ago and am pleased. I am not planning to "dive in" for another two months, but got a good deal! I just wanted some fun ideas to get us into the habit of doing projects and working together for when our homeschooling may start. This fits the bill, as there are themes and lots of ideas for each day of the month!
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