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you are living the story of our lives here. dd had visible decay along time ago. took her to the ped dentist and was told not to worry, treat her with floride. went to another dentist a week later, and was told she had three cavities. I wanted to save those teeth badly, so we went to a dentist office where a family member works. yet another ped dentist. by the time my dd (2 yrs old) went in for her dental surgery she had to have 5 caps/crowns and 1 filing. We choose to use GA, at the Children's hospital, due to the fact that I was scared to have her restratined, and she won't sit still for that long. The dentist was super nice, and even saved some teeth that really should have been pulled. She has nice enamel colored crowns/caps on all four front teeth, and 1 silver cap and filling in the back. Yes, when she came out of the anestisha it was pretty bad, but I can't imagine having those teeth pulled. I used to nurse her at night all the time, and was told that that could have caused it, but the dentist said it had to do with the fact that bad teeth run in the family. We have good teeth brushing and always have. i wish you the best.
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