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hello... i aaccidentally happened onto this site and read your posts/conversation from last year and god, i wish i had found it sooner! i went through much anguish when my daughter (now 4 1/2 yo) had an abscess affecting her top 4 front teeth at age 3. her teeth could not therefore be salvaged and i agreed to hav them pulled... my ped dentist advised to come back at 3 1/2 yo to have the partial put in. OH! but i forgot to tell you that this particular dentist i chose because he did not use general anesthesia, which was a huge concern for me as i didn't want to put my girl "under" at such an early age. so anyways, she was restrained, and the faculty was so nice, warm and gentle that i felt safe and that my girl would be ok. the procedure (teeth extraction) took less then 20 mins and my girl came out crying but she still turned around to say "thank you" for the toothbrush and sticker she received... did i mention that i wasn't able to be inside the room with her during the procedure?

ok, so now, my little boy (23 months) has major decay and i didn't want things to progress into an abscess the way they did with my daughter so i opted to have his teeth capped (silver crowns). fortunately, they were able to salvage his front teeth, but again i wasn't able to be in the room with him during the procedure... it took a little less than an hour. he was also restrained for the duration of the procedures. i've cancelled their follow-up appointments with their dentist because i got SO much heat for having agreed to the procedures for my boy at such a young age and much more, i wasn't in the room with him while he was restrained and crying for me the entire time... i feel so guilty, really... but my boy is ok... i mean, i'm sure he won't remember it. my daughter actually enjoys going to our dentist because he gives such positive reinforcement to the kids and his style is great, so i feel quite comfortable with him.

my concern now is the content of the crowns that my boy has now... do you know if he may be at risk for hypermagnesemia or mercury toxicity? have you heard anything about this kind of thing? i mean, he was pretty young when this happened... just last week in fact... but i feel so much safer now that his teeth are capped.

well, thank you for listening and i hope to hear from you soon!

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