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I dont have any kids but I babysit and the 1-1/2 year old toddler I watch came tuesday after Vomiting and diahrrea all night monday night. She wouldnt drink much right away tuesday but finally I got her to drink and she hasnt vomited at all since monday night. However, she has had sonic diahrrea ever since. I had 9 diapers here for her today and she went through ALL of them by noon. (Been here since 6:30am) They dont seem to concerned as long as she keeps drinking and is hydrated but I am wondering should they be concerned?
Today I noticed she is chewing her fingers, I know kids get sick when they get teeth sometimes but is this much diahrrea normal for that?
She is eating fine and everything, just very runny sonic diahrrea.
Im just a little concerned here. The mommy would stay home with her normally but she is due with there 2nd baby and having a C-section next week and couldnt take off work since she will be off for the next 6 weeks. And she is the only kid I babysit so they knew she had plenty of attention and was taken care of. (Just so you know she isnt a bad mom. . Lol)

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For my kids, if they're staying hydrated, and as long as I start seeing an improvement in the diarrhea (over the course of several days, I mean) I'm fine with it, I think their bodies are responding to an illness (or possibly food poisoning, but lasting several days I assume illness) and they'll heal on their own. I try to provide foods that are easily digested and nourishing, but other than that, I just let the kids heal. And sometimes it takes a while for the gut to return to good health after a vomiting/diarrhea illness, probiotics may help with that.

Worrisome things for me--if the diarrhea was causing dehydration that I couldn't keep up with with fluid intake, or the diarrhea didn't seem to start getting better--some illnesses take a while to get better, but if I didn't see other signs of the illness progressing (vomiting that stops, or a fever that is high for a while and then goes down) or there are no other signs of illness at all, just diarrhea that's not getting better, then I'd start to worry if something else was going on. Bad run-on sentence, sorry.
I haven't actually had any of these situations occur, but I may seek professional help if they came up.
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