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Ok.. dd's gone from being a pureed food snob (that is LITERALLY all she'd eat) to suddenly not liking it at all. If we have to feed it to her, or help her eat it, she doesn't want it.

She's had minor sensory issues regarding food textures, but she seems to be getting beyond it.

Here's the "problem" -

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO FEED HER! Got any suggestions?

She will only eat soft, crunchy, or squishable/sticky foods, and only if it's cut in strips. It's been 5+ years since I've fed a chewing-learning toddler, and I have no idea what to give my kiddo!

She's been eating strips of cheese (won't eat a slice, has to be broken into strips or chunks), strips of toast (but she only likes the crust :LOL), cereal bars (like the Health Valley oatmeal + fruit bars cut into mushy chunks), crackers, and cooked carrot sticks. Sometimes she'll eat cereal bits, too. She won't touch pasta, or anything that feels slimy or wet..

She's gone from totally not chewing food, to being great at it - she rarely gags unless she stuffs two things in her mouth at once. I just have no idea what she CAN be eating! I'm worried about her getting enough vitamins and such in her diet, since she pretty much weaned a couple months ago. (She MIGHT nurse 1-2 times a week .. if she's having a bad week.

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I am in exactly this place with my 11-month-old (though she still gets breastmilk). She will not eat ANYTHING off a spoon--it all has to be finger foods. I was actually just about to post asking for advice!--but I'll tell you what mine eats. We are vegetarians, fyi.

quesadillas made with whole wheat tortillas, cheese, and a veggie (finely chopped broccoli, pureed sweet potatoes, or avocado), cut in little bits--this is a mainstay

hummus on crackers (messy as hell, though)

refried beans on crackers (ditto)

grilled cheese sandwiches cut in little bits

grated apple

chunks of banana

diced pineapple chunks

chunks of firm avocado

chunks of flavored tofu

lots of cheese!

whole wheat toast

oat cereal

diced baked sweet potato (I peel, dice, and bake in the oven at about 400 with a little oil)

"scrambled" egg yolk

whole wheat pancakes

chopped cooked broccoli

bits of baked potato

falafel balls, broken up

She will not eat the following, but yours might:

chunks of cantaloupe

chunks of kiwi

chunks of mango

plain whole wheat pasta

I would LOVE more ideas.

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My dd had a food aversion at 9 mos due to a bad case of croup. She is now 21 mos but we had to go to a specialist to reteach her how to eat. She recommended Super Baby Food and Child of Mine as two great books. My dd loves Veggie Booty, which is rice poofs with veggies and salt. She also loved Gerber meat sticks, the only gerber food we fed her cause it was the only meat we could get in her. She will only feed herself. Check out the two books. They have great ideas.

Good luck!

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Have you let her experiment with holding a spoon herself? My DD greatly enjoys eating oatmeal herself. Messy? yes. But it all washes off.

What about dry cereal such as Kix or Cheerios? cracker sandwiches with hummus or guacamole? Well-cooked broccoli, french fries, baked tater tots? Rice cakes cut into strips or chunks? There are a lot of other veggies you could dry, cut into appropriate shapes: sweet potato, maybe?

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We give her the spoon, she feeds US instead of herself :LOL She loves oatmeal mixed with crispy rice cereal and cinnamon *boggle* but she won't eat it if we have to feed it to her, and she won't eat it if she can't get her hands around it. TODDLERS!!

We tried hummus on pitas last night, and .. she LOVED it! My babe had garlic breath all night though :LOL (I normally get roasted garlic hummus w/tomato) .. we got her to eat grapefruit too - she made the most awesome faces and kept begging for more.

Awesome suggestions, gals! thank you!!!
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