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I am in exactly this place with my 11-month-old (though she still gets breastmilk). She will not eat ANYTHING off a spoon--it all has to be finger foods. I was actually just about to post asking for advice!--but I'll tell you what mine eats. We are vegetarians, fyi.

quesadillas made with whole wheat tortillas, cheese, and a veggie (finely chopped broccoli, pureed sweet potatoes, or avocado), cut in little bits--this is a mainstay

hummus on crackers (messy as hell, though)

refried beans on crackers (ditto)

grilled cheese sandwiches cut in little bits

grated apple

chunks of banana

diced pineapple chunks

chunks of firm avocado

chunks of flavored tofu

lots of cheese!

whole wheat toast

oat cereal

diced baked sweet potato (I peel, dice, and bake in the oven at about 400 with a little oil)

"scrambled" egg yolk

whole wheat pancakes

chopped cooked broccoli

bits of baked potato

falafel balls, broken up

She will not eat the following, but yours might:

chunks of cantaloupe

chunks of kiwi

chunks of mango

plain whole wheat pasta

I would LOVE more ideas.
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