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Toddler Gagging..... for no reason!

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My 22 month old son gags a lot and I can't figure out why. He did spit up as an infant and did gag and vomit when he had trouble swallowing food, but he frequently gags when he has NOTHING in his mouth. This has been going on for months, but recently has been worse and he even spits/throws up sometimes. He always looks shocked, so I don't think he's doing it for attention, even though I don't know if a person can spontaneously gag himself (he's not putting his fingers in his mouth). He often does it when he's laying down for a diaper change, but never when he's laying down sleeping or nursing. He also does it when he's upright, walking around.

Has anyone ever had such a gaggy child? I'm wondering if there is an underlying problem that is causing this? Thanks in advance!

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Does he maybe have a lot of post-nasal drip?

my toddler dd's pretty gaggy, even when she's not stuffing her fingers in her mouth .. and she has a LOT of post-nasal drip that occasionally even makes her vomit - especially when laying down or first thing in the morning.
There just might something to the post-nasal drip theory, since he does do it the most first thing in the morning and when laying down for a diaper change. And it's much worse when he's sick. I'll look more into reflux, too. Thanks so much, mamas!

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