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Toddler has loose poop.

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ok, I've tried searching for info but haven't found any.

DD has had loose and sometimes watery stools for the past 4-5 days. I just wonder what can be causing this. The only new food we have added to her diet is soy milk. Could she be allergic to it? Soy milk is gone so she isn't getting anymore of that right now.

Nurse at the docs office just said to cut out fruit and her stools will firm up,they haven't. She is not ill, no fever or anything.

I know watery poop is not normal, but are loose stools in toddlers "normal".

Anyone have any suggestions? TIA
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My son gets loose stools every once and a while and I have never worried about it until of course he has gotten a rash or is sick. I wouldn't worry as much. I'd try almond milk instead. Soy seems to do that to my son as well and as well as myself
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unfortunately, there is a condition called Nonspecific chronic diarrhea....Toddlers Diarrhea. My dd got this, and it took Months of acidophilus, probiotics, etc to straighten her out.

Thanks I'll look into that.
Well I believe it was the soy milk. She hasn't had any in over a week and her bm is more and more normal. Just thought I would update.
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